Woolworths Secret Sale Up To 50% Off Clothes

Woolworths Secret Sale Up To 50% Off Clothes


Woolworths is holding a secret sale where you can save up to half price PLUS get an extra 10% off in boys, girls and bedding. It obviously isn’t a very secret sale, though. I mean, you know about it now. How awkward for us all. Shall we pretend we didn’t know when we show up?

The Woolworths Secret Sale offers you up to 50% off selected items plus you can nab an extra 10% off when you check out. Enter the code XV741 when you hit the checkout to claim your extra 10% discount. I am not sure if that will work with all items, or just those included in the Secret Sale.

The Woolworths Secret Sale will expire on 07 June 2011 and you do have to achieve a minimum order value of £50.

There are plenty of items to nab in the sale such as boys clothing that includes jumpers, jackets, coats, trousers and shoes. In the girls sale you’ll find pretty much the same thing but with a few skirts, stockings and dresses thrown in for good measure.

Take a peek at the secret sale on at Woolworths right now and see if you can save money on your wardrobe shopping this year.


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