Wooden Office Desks £50.33 @ Ikea

6 March 2011

woodenOfficeDesks Ikea are selling antique pine 'Alve' Solid Wooden Office Desks for £50.33 instead of £233.66, that's a WHOPPING £173.33 saving.

The price listed for the Alve solid wooden office desks is £55.33 but comes down to £50.33 if you have an Ikea Family Card - if you don't have one, you can sign up for one instore and use it straight away to get the discount.

It can get to the stage where the kitchen table just doesn't cut it as a suitable office desk anymore and you need something 'proper' - like the Alve wooden office desks that Ikea are selling in antique pine.

I was going to say it would be great for teenagers, in their rooms, so they could study and do their homework at it but then I remembered!  Teenagers don't DO homework or study...or at least mine don't appear to and they both have wooden office desks, those desks are more of a token nod to the idea of learning.

These Alve solid wooden office desks have a cord outlet at the back which collects cords and cables in one place; have a drawer for your keyboard and mouse, saving you space on the actual desk top and will accomodate a 19" monitor.

Now the blurb doesn't say whether that's a 19" CRT monitor or not, but can you actually BUY CRT monitors anymore?! I've been in the flatscreen world for so long I'm not sure.

The bottom drawer is big enough to hold files and these wooden office desks are easy to keep clean - just wipe over with a damp cloth and dry with a dry one; simple.

The dimensions of these Alve wooden office desks are width: 152 cm, depth: 65 cm and height: 74 cm.

Thanks to KingCampo at HUKD

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