Winnie The Pooh Night Light £2.50 @ Matalan

Matalan has reduced this Disney Winnie the Pooh night light from £5 down to £2.50, half the original price on an item that was already pretty darn cheap to begin with. This is a great little gizmo for softening the light of a room without leaving baby in the dark.

The Disney Winnie the Pooh night light will keep your child feeling happy and safe at night as their favourite Disney characters watch over them. The Winnie the Pooh night light has images of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet across the main body along with pictures of dragonflies and clouds.

The light is an LED based light and it switches off automatically so that you can rest assured that they don’t get disturbed once they are asleep. The light also doesn’t have any wires which is great for making sure kids don’t get all tangled up but does mean batteries. Make sure you get some rechargeables!

Thanks to daisymeisha10 t HUKD!

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