Two White Wood Shelves £8.75 @ Letterbox

Letterbox has a clearance sale on with some amazingly priced items. It's worth checking out. There's not a lot on sale, but the sales are big. One of those are these two-shelf sets, reduced from £35.00 to £8.75 plus postage of £3.50, so £12.25 all together.

I don't know about you, but there's never enough storage in our house. This past summer we did a carboot, nearly new sale, freecycle and even just binned some things, and there still just seems to be so much clutter! There's just never enough space.

With these simple and stylish white painted wood shelves  in children's rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, sitting rooms or even bathrooms, you can at least keep a few things off the floor.  These two wooden shelves are highly versatile, are perfect for all ages and will hold books, toys, DVDs and any other paraphernalia.

They even have a row of useful pegs under the bottom shelf, great for coats, towels or fancy dress.

They are flat packed and apparently easy to assemble. 

Thanks to Hamish402 at HUKD

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