White Pine Crib £29.50 @ John Lewis

crib This crib from John Lewis is a rather delicious deal to start the day with!

Not everyone wants to have a moses basket - I have a couple of friends who really couldn't stand them, they didn't like all the 'frills and faff'.

But if you don't want a moses basket and the thought of putting your tiny baby down to sleep in a HUGE cot bed from day one what are your other options?

This John Lewis Max Crib could be just the thing you're looking for! Measuring L93 x W47 x H79cm it's little enough not to to be too enormous for a newborn and big enough for them not to grow out of it in the blink of an eye.

Made of pine and painted white (the end panels are MDF), the design is simple and elegant and utterly perfect if you don't like 'frills and faff', and John Lewis have reduced it from £59.00 down to £29.50 so the price is pretty perfect too!

Standard delivery is £3, free if you arrange to collect from a John Lewis store OR if your order is over £30.  So you can either buy a mattress for your crib too to tip your order into the free delivery bracket or order something little - Zobobump over at HUKD suggested adding John Lewis Value White Tealights, Pack of 50 (Product code - 78781021), now that's PlayPennies thinking!

Thanks to Zobobump over at HUKD for spotting this deal

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