Warm And Toasty Snuguns Review

3 September 2010

nu portrait When the little pack of Snuguns arrived at PlayPennies HQ I was quite impressed. At last, a pair of gloves for kids that didn’t demand hours of painstakingly slipping individual fingers into their glove sections but still allowed freedom of movement.

It really irked me last winter. My daughter was too young to put her fingers into the different compartments by herself but she also kept taking them off and asking for them to be put back on again. I swear that at least two days of my life were spent fiddling with gloves.

The snuguns are these clever mittens that will keep little hands warm but also give them plenty of room for movement and grip. My daughter slipped them on in seconds and was soon playing with her toys without a fuss. Obviously, they didn’t allow for fine motor actions like drawing or picking up sticks, but they did give her enough flexibility to handle her toys with ease.

snugunThe design of the Snuguns means that kids can slip them on without any adult help, and they can go on either hand. You don’t need to worry about putting the wrong glove on the wrong hand here. The length that goes over the wrist is wide and flat and elasticated so the glove won’t slip off easily, and it can hold sleeves and jerseys in place. This is rather brilliant for icy cold weather as they’ll stop blasts of cold air from going up the sleeves.

I tried this out on a thick jersey, her thick winter coat, and her winter rain jacket, and the gloves (with a bit of wrestling every now and then) fit all of them. This gets it a big tick in my book.

The gloves have silicon dots that run along both sides of the hand section which make it easier for kids to grip things and, according to the instructions, reduce wear and tear on the fabric of the gloves themselves. I just think that the gloves look ace with them.

10210912561589426206444282_oAnother design element that my daughter noticed was that there wasn’t a bundle of seams to scratch or tickle her hands. She hates seams (I don’t know why either) and the Snuguns only have one single flat seam down one side.

Now the sizing says that one size will fit three to 36 months but my four year old fits into them perfectly. She actually prefers them to “normal” gloves. They retail for £9.99, which isn’t a huge expense for six months of snuggly hands, and I think that the clever design and features make them well worth the price.

And Finally

The Snuguns sport some great features and are definitely very comfortable (I tried them on too) and I like the clever silicon spots for grip, as well as the fact that the long sleeve will fit over coats and jerseys. They come in a range of different colours and look adorable.   

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