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20 September 2010

Vital Baby BPA Free Baby Feeding Products

Use this code, exclusive to PlayPennies, to get 10% off your order with Vital Baby, BPA free baby feeding products.

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I found this to be an intriguing website. It is full of all the sorts of plastic stuff you end up needing when you've a small baby - namely stuff for eating and stuff for bathtime. Everything is BPA free - that's free of the chemical Bipshenol-A. This chemical is found in many plastics, aka polycarbonates,  and is considered a Very Bad Thing as BPA can leach out of the polycarbonate when heated at a very high temperature. Ingestion might possibly lead to long term health problems for children and infants.

That said, there is absolutely no evidence that anything of the kind has happened. So don't fret if you've older children. It is just that there's a suggestion that this could be a problem, and one response of many parents is to use BPA free products.

On this website you'll find bottles, teats, dummies, cutlery, bowls, food containers, training cups and so forth. Also lots for bathtime too.


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