Tomy Walkabout Classic Advance Monitor £23.99 @ Amazon

13 March 2010

monitor2 I think I will dub today 'Safety Saturday'!

Baby monitors were a MUST for me for several reasons.

1) the walls in my house are 2 feet ghick and noise doesn't travel well - so with me in one room and a baby in another a monitor was essential.

2) peace of mind - both during the day and night time (once they were in their own bedrooms).  Having a monitor on during the day meant I could be getting on with other things rather than having to sit in silence waiting for them to wake up; during the night I could sleep without keeping one ear open just so that I wouldn't sleep through them if they woke up!

Here's the spec':

  • Crystal clear sound
  • 4 channels to reduce interference
  • Privacy assured
  • 2-way communication.
  • Sound sensitive light display
  • Remotely controlled night-light
  • Fully portable parent and baby unit
  • 300-meter range
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Mains adaptors included
  • Manufacturers recommended age: Birth onwards

monitorThe sound sensitive lights are very useful - if you're on the phone you can turn the sound down and still see when baby needs you without the person at the end of the line having to listen in too.

Night-lights; fabulous for providing comfort for your child if necessary, but can also mean not having to turn the light on in the middle of the night.

Amazon have taken 40% off of this price for you - the rrp is £39.99 and, of course, you won't pay delivery if you choose the SuperSaver option.

Thanks to twinkleplease over at HUKD!

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