Baby Bath Dam Deal

Baby Bath Dam Deal

BabyBathDamI’m pretty sure there weren’t any Bath Dams around when my son was a baby. At least I didn’t see them. And since I turned into an obsessive shopaholic in the last few months of pregnancy, I think I would have found it. The Dam is a plastic insert that fits into your bath and allows you to fill up only a portion of it with water. It normally sells for around £19.99 to £29.99. Which, frankly, is way over priced for a bit of plastic. You can get one at the moment though from Amazon, for a far more reasonable £11.99.

Even at that price, is it worth it? I paid just over a fiver for my baby bath. But I’d have loved one of these. One less thing to clutter up the place for starters. And dead handy for taking about with you when travelling, or even just spending the weekend at the grandparents.

BabyBathDam1I also really like the idea of simply being able to pull the plastic dam out of the bath and empty the water. One less item to clean!

According to the manufacturer, the Baby Bath Dam was developed in the UK. It fits to all standard straight sided baths in seconds and seals in any chosen position - just flex, fit and fill.

Thanks to ppshopaholic at HUKD!


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  • Sarah K.
    Oh now THAT'S clever! What a brill idea!
    • lynleyoram
      I know! I have to wonder if it is as good as it looks? I might be a bit worried about the wear it would leave on the side of an enamel bath. Probably unfounded though as it is plastic.
      • Elizabeth A.
        Looks very hard on the back to me. The baby is very low.
        • Lynley O.
          Yes I was wondering about that myself. But the bath they used in that is an old Victorian style roll top, which are generally deeper than standard baths. Even so you will be low down. But if you've a small bathroom, and no where else to bath baby, chances are you're putting the baby bath inside the bath anyway - that's what I did! One thing that struck me was that you could put all the stuff you need for bathing baby on the side that's water free. Or if bath is big enough (and often in hotels they are quite long) you could sit there. But you know what I used to do was either use the basin, or if that wasn't possible (like when we were at my mum's) a towel on the bottom of the bath, and just enough water in there that you could lay baby on the towel and let them kick while sponging down. Obviously not leaving them alone at all! That only really worked while he was a few months old. Once they start to sit up more, and can sit up unaided, they do like to splash! Then they're a bit big for the baby bath, but they just don't need all the water you fill the bath up with.