Tommee Tippee Spring Sale

Tommee If you’re looking to stock up on all those baby necessities then this spring sale from Tommee Tippee should be right up your street. They have a ton of useful products marked down by as much as 50 percent.

There really are too many products to list them all at once so I’ve decided to pick and choose a few so you can get a taste of what’s on offer. To start with, those of you that have meandered on over to bottle feeding will love the electric steam steriliser down to £20.42. It has a super fast five minute sterilising cycle, is a neat design to fit most kitchen spaces and can fit up to six bottles at once.

They also have a microwave steriliser down to £11 and some nifty travel bottle and food warmersTommee2 down to £7.86. If you’re looking for a breastpump then they have both the manual and electric ones available, although the price difference is enormous – the manual one is £12 while the electric one is £40. Personally I recommend you go with the latter as a manual pump is just so tediously time consuming.

Go and have a peek and see if you can nab some of those essentials while the sale is on.

Thanks to miat1974 at HUKD!


  • Richard
    Personally I would steer clear of the electric pump which my partner and I found to be very unreliable and prone to breaking. We had to take two units back, first lasted two weeks, second three days; seriously consider the hassle and distress of lossing your baby's only source of food right before a feed with no milk stock-piled. Of course this is only our opinion, but search the internet for reviews and your see its not a strong performer. Hope this helps parents to be, Rich
  • Emma K.
    Thanks for the advice Richard. If my feeding turns out to be successful, I wanted to get an electronic one, so I might go for an Avent model instead.
  • Richard
    We went for a Medela after returning the Tommie, which has lasted us for nearly two months now and is still going strong :) Good luck with feeding Emma, Rich

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