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Remember this post we shared with you about the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine? Well right now you can pick one of these babies up for £49.99. Use the code BIRTHDAY9 to take £5 off orders over £30 and it's reduced to £44.99.

As I said before, these are the must-have baby gadgets of the moment among the new mums I mingle with. I'm a member of a parenting forum for new parents and you'd be amazed how often this comes up as the one item that has made life infinitely simpler for bottle feeding mums.

It's a natty little gadget that warms and preps your baby's bottle to the optimum temperature and removes impurities in water for sterile formula feeds at any time of day or night, with minimal fussing and faff - and all in less than two minutes!

You just pop the bottle in it when your baby needs a feed and the machine sterilises the bottle, beeps to tell you when to add the formula, then tops it up with the exact quantity of water at the perfect temperature.

The reviews are good too; it has been awarded an average of five stars in reviews by 103 customers.

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    All sold out ;-(

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