Tommee Tippee Microwave & Cold Water Steriliser £9.99 @ Kiddicare

Tommee Tippee Microwave & Cold Water Steriliser £9.99 @ Kiddicare

tt1It's easy to get all steamed up about sterilising, especially when you're expecting your first baby, but there's really no need to fret.

Back in the day (and I'm talking before my parenting days here) there was really only one sterilising option - big cold-water tanks full of Milton sterilising fluid - I can still smell that smell today, it reminds me of going to Aunty's house when my youngest cousin was a baby.

But today we are spoiled for sterisiling choice which CAN actually make things harder - which is the best way to go?   Should you be an traditionalist and go the Milton route (other cold water sterlising products are available!)?  Or join the revolutionary new age of STEAM sterilising?  Microwave or stand-alone electrical unit?!

Well,this microwave steam one from Tommee Tippee looks fabulous AND can double up as cold water version for when you're on the move and don't have access to a microwave; a multi-tasking product - they'll always get the thumbs up from me!

tt2It comes with 1 x 260ml bottle, 1 x pure soother 0-3mths, 1 x bottle brush and 1 set of teat tongs.  It takes  just 4 minutes to get the job done in the microwave and has room for four Tommee Tippee or wide neck bottles and accessories (or six standard neck bottles).

This is a great deal at £9.99 - the RRP is actually £22.49!  Still not convinced?  Read the reviews on the Kiddicare site - they're excellent!

Thanks to babimama09 over at HUKD!


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    anyone using a steam "steriliser" should be aware that you can't sterilise at the temperatures these things achieve in a microwave. To sterilise you need to reach temperatures of 120° for at least 15 mins. A pressure cooker with a 15-20lb of pressure would be sufficient. And of course, if you are using powdered forumula then that isn't sterile either: "he meeting was held in response to the recommendation from the World Health Assembly that an explicit warning should be given on packets of powdered infant formula milk stating that formula can contain harmful bacteria." see