Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat £7.90 @ Amazon

Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat £7.90 @ Amazon

There's no way I would have paid the original price of £19.99 for this mat, but the Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat is on offer at Amazon for £7.90. Delivery is free with Amazon Prime. I think this is a much better price. Otherwise just go for a generic, cheap bath mat and use your elbow, that's what I say!

What attracts me to this bath mat is that it is colourful and fun. Especially when you're dealing with toddlers, anything that makes bath time a little bit more attractive is a GOOD THING.

I got one of those bath thermometer things when my son was a baby, and honestly how useless was it? It was meant to be heat sensitive but never seemed to work really. It would say the bath was hot when it was clearly too cold. I found dipping my elbow in, the time honoured method, was a far better solution.

So I probably wouldn't suggest getting this bath mat just because you want to make sure the bath water is the right temperature. But I would recommend getting a bath mat. They add a bit of comfort to the bath, and for slightly nervous toddlers they add a bit of security. Even now my son prefers to get into a bath with his mat, finding the slipperly bottom a little bit unnerving.

The mat offers a quick and easy way to check that baby's bath water is not too hot. The heat sensor will clearly tell you when the water is too hot by spelling it out in the red spot on the seabed. The fun sea characters will also keep your baby entertained while they splash around.


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