Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles 2 x 150ml £5.16 @ Asda Direct

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottles 2 x 150ml £5.16 @ Asda Direct

Asda has knocked a third off the cost of this bottle two pack. The Tommee TIppee Closer to Nature bottles, 2 x 150ml, have been reduced from £8.49 to £5.16. Standard delivery is £2.95, so if you're going for home delivery make it part of a bigger order for the best value. However, you can collect them instore for free.

According to the manufacturer, what makes the Closer to nature baby feeding bottles different to other baby bottles is that they come with easivent slow teats made from soft silicone which stretches and flexes to mimic a natural breast feeding action.

You get 2 x 150ml Bottles with Slow Flow Teats. 150ml/5 floz bottles with easivent slow flow teats made from soft silicone designed to mimic a natural breast feeding action, and also featuring a super-sensitive anti-colic valve.

Bottle or breast? Although they say you shouldn't mix the two, as baby will go for one and reject the other, I didn't have that problem. I started using a bottle for one feed when he was 2 weeks old, partly because I needed that sleep and partly because my other half wanted to have some of that time to bond with our son too.

Some of my friends did this successfully too, although they were able to use expressed breast milk. No matter what I did, I never seemed to have anything left over! Despite working with the midwife, the breast feeding 'cafe', and a couple of other breastfeeding experts, nothing I did increased milk production. It just seems like sometimes breast don't work. I compromised with 'half and half', half the feeds were breast feeding and half were formula from a bottle.


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