Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat Blue £4.45 @ Amazon

This Tippitoes Toilet Trainer Seat, in blue, is on sale at Amazon, reduced to £4.45. And delivery is free with Amazon Prime.

There's often a bit of a debate as to whether it is a good idea to get a toilet training seat or not. Some parents swear by them, others feel it is best not to use one as you'll only have it when you are at home. And it could make it difficult when you're out and about and they need to use a full sized toilet. It really depends on the child I think.

Personally, I had no hesitation at all in getting a training seat for our toilet. When I was a child I was absolutely terrified of the loo, convinced that the monster in the u-bend would pull me down when I flushed it. Or that I would simply fall in and the monster would get me. I didn't want my son to have any of those sorts of anxieties, and I knew that a seat he could fit perfectly without fear of falling would make a difference.

This toilet seat, made of plastic, sits on top of the adult seat in the loo. Most of the reviews Amazon are five star, with four 4 star reviews, so it must be fairly good! Here's what one customer said: "This product is good value for money. It fits well on the toilet seat without slipping, my son seems to find it comfortable and the raised front section is well-designed for little boys. It is also very easy to clean."

Thanks to lois1987 at HUKD!

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