Tiger Wheelybug Only £27.50 @ GLTC Online

Wheelybug Sometimes it’s just cuteness that makes us want to buy things and the Wheelybugs are ineffably cute. These ingenious toys are adorable to look at and will provide your little walkers with hours of endless entertainment. Marked down from £55 to half price, they are a lively little bargain.

If your baby has just started out with his legs or is an avid little walker then the Wheelybugs are a brilliant way to encourage development. They can turn in a snap with easy wheel movements and are only 40cmx23cmx21cm.

The site says they are suited for kids up until three years old but I am somewhat sceptical of that. My daughter is hardly a giant but these bugs don’t seem big enough for the demands of an active wheelybug2toddler. They’re definitely a good call for a new walker though.

The grip gives them some security as they amble along and they can spend hours zooming about the house. Perfect more for the one to two year old I’d say. Unfortunately the ladybird is still sitting at full price but at least the tiger has fur.

Thanks to Abbielonglegs At HUKD!

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