Tidy Books Promotional Code: 22% Off

16 June 2012

Use this online voucher code to get 22% off Tidy Books kids bedroom furniture. The retailer sells a very small, but very lovely selection of bookcases, tidy's, and accessories for keeping books in order in the bedroom.

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  • Discount: 22%
  • Promotional code: SPRING22
  • Expires: Unknown

I couldn't find any information about when this code might expire. As the discount code itself uses the word spring, you might think it would have run out already. So it may not last too much longer into summer.

To use the code, you need to go to checkout. You'll have to register with the site, and you enter the code in the relevant box on the same page that you register.

Next, you'll see it automatically applied to your bill. I tried it out on an absolutely lovely Tidy Books Box, with a natural lacquer finish.  I particularly liked it as it looked really good, and the play clock on the side can be removed. I'm thinking it would make a great accessory for magazines in the lounge when son has moved on to more paper backed sized books as he gets older. That is, if he doesn't draw all over it or put stickers everywhere!

This sells for £69, which isn't bad for a nicely crafted piece of furniture. With the discount of 20%, this came down to £53.82.

Delivery is free on the site. I don't know if this is a permanent move or not, but as delivery cost £6.95 last time I looked on Tidy Books, it is a very welcome move.

Thanks to Eiteews at HUKD!

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