Sudocrem Skin Care Cream: Review

1 September 2010

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream Mother And Baby

I should probably be ashamed to confess now that I once spent a hour in a pub arguing over whether the ubiquitous nappy rash remedy was Sudocrem or Sudocreme. Perhaps I shouldn't admit that! Embarrassingly, I was wrong. It might be a cream, but the name is not. I think that dates the conversation a bit though, as these days with the internet on your phone it isn't likely to be the sort of argument you'd have after a few pints of cider or house white.

The thing is though, that everyone knows what this stuff is because just about everyone has a use for it. If you're a teenager, it is good on spots (yes I was suprised by that one myself, I had no idea!). For adults, it is a great soother for dry skin, and for adults and children alike it can work wonders on mild eczema and rashes.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream 30g TubeThe cream is now available in a 30g squeezable tube. To be honest, my reaction to that news was one of a surprise that they hadn't already made the step to tube. After all Marmite has been doing it for years!

So I gave some to PlayPennies mum Emma to try out.

What was her first reaction? "I've never seen it in this sort of container. I've only ever seen it in those instantly recognisable grey tubs that I've seen for years. I got a 30g tube, which is actually a really great size to throw in my baby's changing bag for when I am out and about."

As a mum, I think the grey tub will still remain the preferred container, at least for keeping at home. The reason is that you can unscrew and remove the lid, then start on the nappy changing process. Thus if you find you need some you can, using just the one hand (while the other has baby's legs up in the air), scoop some out of the pot and apply. I can't see it being easy to do that with a squeezable tube. I was given a couple of tiny little empty plastic jars with screwtop lids by another mum when my son was born. These were a fabulous gift as I could put in just as much cream as needed to take out with me when out and about, leaving the big jar of Sudocrem at home.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream Tube

However, the target market for the squeezable may not be us mums necessarily. While the packaging on the tubs reads "Antispetic Healing Cream", on the tube it says "Skin Care Cream".

As Emma comments "I'll be honest, when I think of sudocrem, the first thing I think of is baby's bum. I remember first using it 21 years ago... when my niece was a baby! And Sudocrem has quite a distinctive smell, I'd recognise it anywhere."

With the squeezable tube to hand though, she found it useful, and not for baby's bottom. "Last year, I was staying at a friend's house and I had a severe allergic reaction to their long-haired Belgian shepherd dogs. I came out in a rash all over my body, particularly on my arms and legs. It was very itchy and incredibly annoying. My mum happened to have a large tub of sudocrem with her, and I generously slathered this all over my itchy skin. It was a big help, and kept me same while the rash disappeared."

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream PotIt isn't unpleasant to use on your own skin, and as most mother's already know, a little goes a long way making it quite good value. "I actually have quite dry skin on my cheeks (on my face), so I've been using Sudocrem on them for a few days. I like the feel of Sudocrem, nice and smooth. It's also a very thick cream, you only need to use a little bit to cover a large area."

And Finally

The price for the tube varies a bit. On the Hight Street I found it priced at £1.89 at Boots, and £1.99 in Lloyds Pharmacy. If you don't fancy leaving the house, you can buy Sudocrem products on Amazon with free delivery if you use Amazon Prime!

So tell us, what do you use Sudocrem for? Have you found better (and cheaper) nappy rash remedies? Share with us here!


  • Debbie
    I use it every time I get a cold sore or dry and cracked lips - works every time
  • Daniel
    It never worked for our twin girls rashes. Our home visit Nurse then suggested bepanthen and the next day their rashes were 80% better. Been using it ever since and its never failed.
  • Cumulus
    I think it's rubbish. Metanium all the way.

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