Soldier Egg Cup and Toast Cutter Just £6.95 @ Prezzy Box

I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like dipping his soldier toast into a boiled egg. This clever soldier egg cup and toast cutter from Prezzy Box is perfect for your Present Cupboard. And at only £6.95 you can spoil your kids with their own eggy soldiers too. Standard UK delivery is charged at £3.95

You can’t beat the old classic boiled egg and soldiers! There’s just something about dipping that toasted bread into a nice, runny egg that makes it a breakfast favourite. If your child is a bit old to ask you to cut his toast into soldiers, then the soldier egg cup and toast cutter set is a perfect food accessory. You can make your breakfast ‘eggstra’ special and it will certainly put the fun back in to your meal time.

Just pop your egg into some boiling water and once it has boiled, carefully lift your egg and sit in the soldier egg cup. Put his little hat on and he will guard your egg while you attend to the soldiers. Simply toast some bread and use your toast cutter to make your soldier shapes and they will be ready to dip.

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