SnoozeShade Original Ex-Display £9.99 @ Snoozeshade


SnoozeShades are pretty cool and a lot of parents I know really rely on them. Usually these retail for around £19.99 at the official site and you can probably get them for less on eBay or Amazon or Tesco, but rarely for as low as this. These are old models and ex-display but they are only £9.99.

They are normal products that have a label on them that reads “Display” for sending out to retailers et al to put on display. These ones were not sent out and are now old stock so instead of bunging them in the bin, they’ve cut off the label and they’re selling it for half price.

You may find some red threads where the label sat or the label may still be on it, and they don’t have as long a zip as the newer models. They have no sleeping baby emblem on the front and they are the Original Classic version.

Thanks to Rufus26 at HUKD!

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