SlumberRoo Baby Carriers: 15% Off Beco

SlumberRoo Baby Carriers: 15% Off Beco

SlumberRoo Baby CarriersUse this code to get 15% off Beco carriers and accessories with SlumberRoo baby carriers. Standard delivery is free within the UK.

Click here to use your Beco 15% discount with SlumberRoo baby carriers.

  • Discount: 15%
  • Applies to: Beco baby carriers and accessories
  • Promotional code: beco15
  • Expires: 3rd January 2011

To use this code, make your purchase and go to the Shopping Basket page. Enter it in the Promotional Code box. I tested the code on a Beco Gemini baby carrier, priced at £95. With the code applied this dropped by £14.25 to £80.75. A fair saving, I thought.

I don't know much about this particular brand, but I do know that I could not have lived without my baby carrier. It was perfect for carrying my two month old through and around Heathrow and other airports. It was utterly indispensable when he was having teething problems and refused to be put down (I'd never have got any housework done at all!). I also found myself using it to rock him to sleep on the nights he was finding it hard to go to sleep (it was a stinking hot summer). And last, but best of all, every day I was at home we went for a wee walk around 4pm.

I do know that you've got to choose the baby carrier that's right for you. Take into consideration how easy it is to use, not just how it looks! Can you put baby in and out one-handed? If Beco is the right brand for you then you'll be able to save a bit with this code.

Thanks to madtrekker at HUKD!


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  • Kate D.
    I have a Beco Butterfly and absolutely LOVE it! Fabulous baby carrier- very similar to the Connecta- well worth the money but even better with a 15% discount. Enjoy!
    • billfone

      good voucher