Sleep Body Pillow £6.99 (Was £13.89) @ Argos

Sleep Body Pillow Argos

Ok so this picture is a little weird - but trust me, the Sleep Body Pillow is a thing you truly need if you're pregnant. And this one is just £6.99 at Argos right now. I loved mine so much when I was expecting my third baby that I literally used to spend all day dreaming about bedtime just so that I could finally snuggle up with my gigantic squiggly pillow. It really was *that* comfy, and my third pregnancy was *that* tough.

Anyway, these things sell for crazy prices elsewhere online and in overpriced baby boutiques, but the basic one I bought from Argos was utterly brilliant, and has more than stood the test of time in our house. I used it as a breastfeeding support cushion after my baby was born, and even as an extra comfy place to prop her now and again when she was a tiny thing that didn't really move when you placed her down in a cosy spot. (Oh, how I miss those days.) One of my older kids currently insists on cuddling up to it at night, too.

Out of 350 customers, a whopping 311 have rated this pillow 4 or 5 stars out of a possible total of 5 stars. That's pretty impressive. Listen to this:

"Since buying this I've had a great night's sleep, before I was using an ordinary pillow and it just wasn't doing the job of keeping me and my bump comfy at night. I read the reviews of this and the more expensive ones and I'm glad I went with this one - great job!"

Delivery is £3.95 or you can reserve one online and opt to collect it in person at a branch of your choice, which is free.

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  • lucydavies
    Popped into my local argos to pick up one of these pillows and they are back to 13.89!

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