Save Up To 30% Off Selected Pushchairs @ Mothercare

Mothercare has a sale on a select range of pushchairs with their price dropping to up to 30% on certain items. There are some really big savings to be had on a few of these, just in time for Christmas babies!

The Joie Chrome Pushchair in Jade was on sale for £180 but is now down to £180 which is an epic saving of £100. The same chair in black is also down by the same amount. The Mothercare Xtreme pushchair travel system in Grey Leopard is down to £160 with a saving of £240 off the original price of £400. That is a really good deal right there.

There are plenty other designs, styles and brands included in the sale, some are listed on the page even though they are not part of the discount so ignore those ones. I am really impressed with many of these deals and wish I had seen them before I got my chair!

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  • notinventedhere
    The price on the Xtreme travel system is a bit of a scam - they have two different colours which they permanently alternate being on sale. So e.g. for 2 weeks the black one is £400 and the grey one is "on sale" at £160. Then the grey one goes back up to £400 and the black one is "on sale". The £400 price is a red herring, the "real" price as far as I'm concerned is £160, and the £400 price point exists purely so they can have a disingenuous "save £240!" label.

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