Samsonite Pop Up Travel Cot Review

12 July 2010

samsonite pop-up travel cot 2 It's that time of the year. The going-on holiday time of the year. A sun-kissed white sand beach on an island somewhere. A campsite on the British coast. A festival in a field. Does it really matter? It is a holiday, a change of scenery, a time to recharge the batteries!

I did a lot of travelling when I was on maternity leave. After all, why not make the most of getting  six months or more off ? On the first trip, we went to Hong Kong when my son was two months old. I looked for the lightest, easiest to carry, travel bassinet I could find.

Now in those early days of motherhood  I admit I bought a lot of crud. I was a sucker for every gimmicky thing going. I had no idea if the Samsonite Pop Up Travel Cot would actually be of any use, but it looked the business. Tiny - seriously tiny. It folds up into a small round bag about the same size as a medium sized frying pan.

It's made with some of that springy stuff they use in pop-up tents. And it works the same way. Pull it out of the bag and it simply pings open. I then spent the next ten minutes looking for the little metal rod that you have to insert to keep the end of the bassinet part from collapsing. After which I realised I hadn't actually seen how it was when it came out of the bag, so had no idea how to put it back together to get it in again.

samsonite pop-up travel cotActually all you have to do is, after you've taken out the metal rod, is hold each end in each hand, twist into a letter 8 shape, and push it together. It then slides into the tiny bag. Did I mention how tiny it is?

Once baby gets a bit mobile and is rolling about or attempting to crawl, then there's no point in even bothering with this cot. But for the really little ones, the Samsonite pop-up travel cot is fine.

It comes with a mosquito net, which is one reason I bought it. However, I wouldn't rely on this for malarial areas. It didn't fill me with complete confidence that it could keep out mossies entirely. However it will keep flies and other creepy crawlies off your sleeping baby. You could wrap a mossie net around it for extra protection.

The mattress was a lot thinner than I was expecting. I didn't think that my son would find that comfortable at all but it didn't seem to bother him at all. Still, I used to put a blanket underneath when on wood or tiled floors for extra protection.

samsonite pop-up travel cot 1It also got a nickname, courtesy of my four year old nephew who christened it 'The Boat'. Because actually, that's pretty much what it looks like, with the hood up and the prow shaped front!

My verdict? This was actually one piece of gimmicky baby equipment that I got a lot of use out of, from hotels in the far east to staying at grandma's.

Have you travelled with a young baby? What did you use for a bassinet?


  • Emma K.
    Never seen those before, that's an excellent idea.
  • magicbeans
    i recently went on a trip to canada and used the basinette things on board.....they are TINY!! squeezed my 5 month on them. its weird they say they have travel cots for up to 2 year olds, but the alternative was a bouncer type chair which would fit like a 10month old max!!
  • Lynley O.
    the best ones that I've come across are the types of bassinette used on Qantas. They were big enough for my son when he was 1, and they can lie down flat in them. I did not like the expectation of British Airways that I put my son to sleep all night in a bouncy chair type thing! There's LOADS of research showing you shouldn't put young babies into a seated postion like that for longer than a couple of hours at a time.

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