Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty £10.76 @ Tesco Direct

Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty £10.76 @ Tesco Direct

PottyPotty training. I have to admit that those two words struck fear into my heart when I first had a baby. Right from the start the very idea had me trembling so I invested in one of these intelligent training systems and it was the best idea ever. Down from £16.15 to £10.76 at Tesco Direct you get a sharp saving of £5.39. 

Look, it will get annoying and you will want to throw it out the window. There will even be times, usually at some hideous hour of the morning, when your little one will want to play the music instead of just doing their business. However, as a way of introducing them to the wonders of napp-free living, these potties are a gem. Potty2

The musical greetings, rewarding sounds when they get it right, along with a sticker dispenser and tracking chart, make it very exciting for them to go to the loo. You can even remove the trainer seat and use it on the big people’s potty when they feel they are ready. 

If you’re about to embark on this adventure then I wish you good luck and happy cleaning. 

Thanks to bear7364 at HUKD!


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