Review: Roly-Poly On The Wall


We’ve talked about ideas on how to decorate your nursery and we’ve reviewed the unbelievably awesome FuntoSee range and now it’s time for the Padded Pals range from Readyroll.

Readyroll Padded Pals

paddedbug These stickers are all about creating a living space for toddlers that is touchy and feely and squishy and cool. These decorations can be applied and removed easily onto, and from, your walls and comes in a pretty big range of designs.

Heidi and Emma were both sent these samples as they were both busy creating a new nursery space at the time.

As soon as my boys spied ours, they leapt on me and tried to wrestle them from my grasp so I had to hide them,” said Heidi, “After two weeks I eventually uncovered their secret location and we were not disappointed. These were worth the wait.”

When we got our Padded Pals we were pleased to see the lovely pastel colours of the Caterpillar stickers,” said Emma, “These were finished in lovely soft yellows, blues and greens.”

Both our mums soon set to work on installing these beauties into their respective nurseries and it is here that their points of view start to diverge.

paddedlionsOn trying to get these off their backing cardboard, we found it a bit of a fiddly process,” said Emma, “The glue on the stickers was so strong that we were actually pulling the sticky tabs off the felt front, which wasn’t ideal. We had to take a lot of care in removing the stickers so that they were intact.”

My boys are sticker mad so they loved these, the texture was especially a huge novelty factor,” said Heidi, “My boys wanted to stick and restick them eleventy hundred times so in the end I stopped trying to create a Zen living space and left them to get on with it.”

The ladies were fans of the colours though, we’ve already seen that Emma liked the pastels of her caterpillars and Heidi felt the same way. But what about any other features?

The bright colours make these perfect for babies and are a brilliant way to pretty up any room,” she said, “But don’t expect them to stay where you put them if your kids are older and anything like mine.”

paddedheliWe put ours in my autistic nephew’s room and he was fascinated by the different colours and textures, he couldn’t stop running his hands over each one,” said Emma, “They do look pretty and feel great and there’s even a hanging option for those of you that don’t feel like going through the sticking process.”

And Finally

Overall the Padded Pals met with a positive reception and both our mums were really pleased with the results. Heidi’s two boys managed to keep on resticking them for quite some time without completely destroying them, while Emma’s nephew found them a source of endless fascination. They retail from around £9.99 at Amazon which is quite pricey for three or so stickers per set, but they are very tactile, excellent for a baby’s room and can be used to create funky mobiles too.

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