Review: The Mama Bamba Way

26 May 2010


Now this is a truly fascinating book and one that had me wishing I was pregnant so I could try out all the different ideas and concepts that it covers. However, before I delve into this review I would like to add that this may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

The book is very much about the spiritual side of giving birth. It talks about chakras and spiritual energy and dancing your way to labour, so if you are averse to that sort of thing then this won’t work for you at all.

mama The Mama Bamba Wayis unashamedly about the power of the woman, her spirituality, the power of birth and the mind. Packed with rich and engaging stories from other women who’ve either used the processes outlined in the book, or who are offering up their own examples of specific situations, it’s an interesting read from start to finish. 

The author, Robyn Sheldon, is a midwife, integration therapist and meditation facilitator who specialises in helping pregnant woman to release their birth fears and create trauma free births for their babies.

The Mama Bamba Way is the epitome of avante-garde, I can tell you that right from the outset. If touchy feely stuff makes your skin crawl then the Mama Bamba is not a path for you to take.

robyn-sheldon-portraitWhile I was reading the book I kept on thinking about the experience I had with the birth of my first child. I was in labour for ten days. Ten horrible and agonising days where medical staff refused to recognise it as true labour and I just couldn’t dilate at all. In the end I had an emergency procedure at 3am after ten days of no sleep and spent the next three weeks in an exhausted daze.

I am still angry about it. I read the ideas and birth stories in this book and I can see how differently things could have gone for me and I think that it is essential that women are given more choice and more voice in birth. This books is all about that philosophy. Where practitioners and midwives listen to the mothers and let them take the lead.

While I may be angry about my first birth, I am now thinking quite positively about the tactics I will employ for my second someday. This book helped me to do that. There may be elements here that you do not agree with, but there are plenty of suggestions and ideas that you can make your own.

pregnant_womenThe book outlines a natural birth methodology that will help you to develop an awareness of yourself and your baby and this will, in turn, help you to cope better with pregnancy and labour. For most first time mums, the prospect of childbirth can be quite daunting and so reading up on strategies like this one is a good way to find a path that suits you.

For those mums that are forging ahead with numbers two and upwards, perhaps this book will give you a new way of tackling the next birth for a completely different experience.

And Finally

pregnant-ladyThe Mama Bamba Way is well worth reading as it offers some fantastic insights and stories and thoughts for the birth experience. Like anything so intensely personal, what you choose to take out of this book is up to you. Certainly I felt that some places were a bit too mumbo jumbo for me but there are many people who will appreciate what this book as to offer.

I highly recommend adding this to your pregnancy reading list. For an alternative method of harnessing the pain of childbirth (such as hypnotherapy et al) this may well prove to be another popular choice in the future.

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