Review: Say Goodbye To Cold Feet

Moccis I have fallen in love. I got a pair of Moccis and they have completely won me over. These divine and fashionable moccasins have been designed by Anna Wetterlin and are the warmest and most comfortable house shoes I’ve ever worn. Say goodbye to slippers sliding off your feet when navigating stairs, to shuffling about because your slippers have stretched, and say hello to warm and toasty and tight. These shoes fit like a dream and my feet are so warm I can actually feel my toes for the first time this winter. Originally launched in 2008 just for kids, they are now available in parent sizes too. They are made with real leather for a skid-proof sole, double elastic so they don’t fall off and are machine washable. Bliss. MocciMonster Moccis are made in Sweden from natural ecotex certified materials and the characteristic zigzag seam is hand stitched. They are very, very lush. The kid’s collection is amazing. I desperately wanted the Under Your Bed Moccis that you can see pictured to the right here. Sadly this was only for kids. I adored the idea of wearing monsters on my feet. The other fab designs for kids include Feeling Moosey, Bee My Moccis and Mysterious Toadstool, among others. These are divine for those fast paced toddlers that hurtle, and slide, on hardwood floors. It’s a great way to keep dirty shoes out of the living space and off the furniture and you really don’t have to wrestle them into the shoes either. The cute designs mean that you have to wrestle them OFF instead. MocciMoajoYou can get Moccis for babies and toddlers at £18 which is, I think, a fab price point for these shoes. They are just perfect as a sock and stocking replacement and, for the little ones, you can even keep them on when you go outdoors. Adult Moccies sit at the £26 price point and, again, I have to say that I think they really are good value for money. I’ve recently taken a tumble down our new stairs that are steep and slippery and have tested the Moccis on them. I cling like a barnacle now and don’t feel quite so nervous about another fall. Whether you want to pamper yourself or get something practical and cute for your kids, the Mocci is a winner in every way. I adore them. Now I just need to petition for Monster Moccis for Mums. parent_pampering

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