Up To Half Price On Storage @ Argos

Up To Half Price On Storage @ Argos

Argos have up to 50% off on household storage items, so if you’re planning a new year clear-out or getting optimistically ready for spring cleaning, this is a pretty good time to do so. With prices starting at £4.49, you’re sure to find something!

I went in search of wicker baskets for the soon-to-be-with-us baby’s reusable nappies just before Christmas, and now I wish I’d waited, to be honest. I had no idea wicker baskets were so expensive. And then being limited to ones that would fit inside the shelf space we  have available was really constrictive too and seriously added to the price! As it happens the only suitable ones I found were also lined, so they’re really pretty, but wow… they are so expensive!

At the same time we’ve had to move most of my daughter’s toys into the living room, which is something I’ve always been against, so now I’m in search of storage so that our communal space doesn’t look like a toy shop!

Argos have a 4 Drawer Plastic storage tower in Pink with 20% off selling at £15.99, which would probably be great for arts and crafts items that end up everywhere. The same thing is available in silver for £9.99.

They also have a gorgeouswooden storage seat box which is reduced from £39.99 to £19.99.

And then, the confounded wicker baskets?  A set of 5, that’s five, light Maizeleaf Storage Baskets for just £9.99.



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