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Cradle Cap Brush

This isn't technically a deal, as such, so please don't shout at me. I just discovered this new Cradle Cap Brush and had to share, because I remember all too well the misery of trying to shift a stubborn bout of cradle cap from a tetchy baby's head. If you've got a little one whose crowning glory is marred by cradle cap, this could be worth a try. It's £5.95 and available currrently from Amazon.

In my house, cradle cap is called something quite different, on account of my older kids never quite being able to say those two words together properly when their baby sister was afflicted with it. Anyway - moving swiftly on - I really wish the Cradle Cap Massage Brush existed when my lot were babies. I resorted to rubbing olive oil into their scalps and spending the ensuing days (felt like weeks) trying to wash it off.

Invented by an American Grandma, the brush contains soft bristles that gently but firmly brush away cradle cap from the affected scalp. First, you massage in oil or shampoo and then gently stroke the brush over the area, and it reportedly lifts the cradle cap away. Weekly use can apparently prevent the condition from returning altogether. It's worth adding that cradle cap isn’t harmful, of course.

If you're not a Prime customer, you'll need to fork out for delivery on this too, thanks to Amazon's recent change to their free delivery threshold from £10 to £20. Grrr...

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