Playskool Explore N Grow Activity Ball £6.48 @ Tesco

The Playskool Explore N Grow activity ball assortment toy thingamajig has been reduced several times by Tesco. It originally sold for £12.97, then it went down to £7.97 and now it is only £6.48. You can arrange to collect it instore for free.

The Playskool Explore N Grow activity ball assortment thingy (I honestly cannot think of a better name for such an odd product) is a friendly faced and brightly coloured doodad that is packed with fun features for babies.

The toy has attention grabbing spinners and rattle beads on the outside to keep little heads and hands amused for hours (and probably drive you a bit batty in the process), and on the inside there are even more things hidden away.

Yes, you’ll find two smaller balls secreted away within which apparently are used for ball-drop play. I don’t know what that is, but Playskool think it’s a good thing! Ideal for kids over six months old and a good learning aid, this discounted goody is a, well, a goodie!

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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