PlayPennies Exclusive: £25 Off Your Very Own BitBike!

Ok, so check out THIS awesome PlayPennies exclusive deal… If you use the discount code below, you will get £25 shaved off the usual price of the BitBike which takes it down from £90 to only £65. This is a very good price for this extremely popular kid’s toy.

The BitBike is this awesome, sleek mean baby driving machine that, honestly, looks like a racing bike. But for small drooly things called babies. The BitBikes are suitable for kids aged 18 months to three years and come in some cool colours too.

  • Discount: £25
  • Valid From: Today
  • Valid Until: 16 December 2011
  • Code: PPXMAS2011

You can get the BitBike in four different colours – pink, green (I LOVE this), blue and orange. I am actually gutted they don’t have these in people sizes. I want to zoom in lime green. The bikes have clean lines, are designed to help kids develop balance and stability, and are ergonomically happy too.

And the handlebars, so chic and styling, are a convenient carry handle for parents that can also be used to hang it in small spaces.


  • birdyboyuk
    £25 knocked off from £90 is £65...may need to update! :)
  • emmajk42
    £25 knocked off from £90 is £65...may need to update! :)
    Thanks Birdy, fixing now. Love these Tamsin - very Tron!

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