PlayPennies Competition: 20 Sets Of Vosene Kids Up For Grabs!!

19 August 2013


To celebrate the launch of Vosene’s Facebook page, we’ve got 20 sets of the Vosene Kids shampoo and spray to give away. This is the BEST anti-lice defense out there (according to me, anyway. I swear by it) and you can get your supply for free by entering this ace competition!

When it comes to tackling head lice, prevention is always better than cure and that’s where Vosene Kids helps.  Its shampoo and spray contain natural ingredients Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus to help prevent head lice, giving you peace of mind that you are looking after your children’s hair health!

Wash your child’s hair with the Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo (RRP £2,54 for 100ml) and then follow with the Vosene Kids Advanced Conditioning Defence Spray (RRP £2.54 for 100ml). The spray can be used on damp or dry hair to remove knots and tangles and alongside the shampoo will help keep head lice at bay.

Vosene Kids is available from Boots and high street grocers nationwide. Enter the competition for your chance to win one of twenty sets of the Vosene Kids shampoo and spray.  To find out more about the range visit Vosene or join in the conversation on Facebook and chat to Vosene Kids on Twitter @VoseneUK!

You can also enjoy the wonders of technology by using the Vosene Nitwatch Heat Map which will not only show you where the outbreaks are, but you can enter in your own area if there is an outbreak there. This way everyone can help everybody else.

How to enter

Tell us why you hate lice in the comments below and the most shiverific tales will WIN!


  • UK entrants only
  • Competition period: 19 August – 01 September 2013
  • One entry per person
  • Competition subject to change and admins decision is final in all cases



  • mahjabeeniqbal
    lice make children itch and they spread so quickly. they are also passable from one person to another
  • tracky
    I work as a Nanny and the 3 kids I look after constantly have nits. The family don't do anything about them either. I bring my child to work also and have to check her hair and mine daily to make sure we are not bringing home any nasty surprises. This shampoo and spray would REALLY REALLY help us to stop acquiring these little pests!
  • jockosjungle
    Because I still remember the humiliation of having to tell my teacher I had them, and then knowing that the nits letter we all had to hand write for our parents was because of me :(
  • jockosjungle
    Because I still remember the humiliation of having to tell my teacher I had them, and then knowing that the nits letter we all had to hand write for our parents was because of me :(
  • ac8899
    Children hated itchy hair. There is nothing better to prevent them by using Vosene kids.
  • chocfudgemunky
    I hate them because they spread so quickly and are so itchy and disgusting! My children are always getting them at nursery and it's so expensive to keep treating. I'd love to try this, as prevention is better than cure!
  • MajorClanger
    This sounds great, I wish it had been around when my children were small :)
  • EdTheDuck99
    Why do I hate lice? What's to stop them climbing in hairy ears or noses? Urgh!
  • macky120
    I love knowing that by using this spray my children are the best protected at school and pre school of nits. Never had them yet since using this fab product x
  • lanal
    my head starts to itch when I just hear about them
  • Goingpotty
    My daughter has very long thick hair so "Denitting" take a whole day and always leaves my joints in pain.
  • lazycouple1
    I hate them for making me look like the childrens cast of Angela’s Ashes
  • mazgoli
    I remember when my six grown up children were small and one had head lice, we had to treat all eight of us and the smell of the lotion was appalling. We had a very small bathroom with a tiny window - never enough ventilation! and we had a production line going - you had to leave the stuff on all night in those days then get up early enough to shampoo eight heads before taking them to school. It seems that if my grandchildren get headlice, all we will need is a shampoo - bonus!!
  • lizbubbles
    I dislike the little critters because you can hear them laughing at you... honest!
  • magicbeans
    why i hate lice? hmm, thats not very nice, i bet if lice were cute and cuddly we would try to humanely remove them and set them free in our gardens. Truth is, lice got hit by the ugly stick. plus they like sucking human blood and laying eggs in children's hair- grim. I say we take our pitchforks and torches and burn them down, each and everyone of them. Who's with me? Till then i shall continue to use vosene in my kids' hair as i am petrified one of them will know of my dark plan to burn them all. And when they do, they will create HUKD multis and post things they find in tescos reduced section as nationwide deals with the words 'be gentle this is my first post' So, this is why i hate lice.
  • boulbyallen
    I had a friend that always used to scratch her head then eat the scab, its wasn't till I was about 9 my mum told me her mum had told her off she was eating the dead bits of lice and poo off her head by scrapping under her nail, yuk yuk puke, yes and she also had worms all the time. I can honestly say we never got them cus mum washed our hair in vosene and then rinsed our hair in vinegar. my kids at least don't knead the vinegar lol
  • lupyloo76
    I work in a school and see lots of horrifying heads whilst working with children. The worst I remember was when a child picked out a huuugge nit from her head before examining and eating it eeeeeewwwwwwww.
  • Mrsspoon
    The little lice are not very nice They make you scratch that little patch Vosene kids is a wizz
  • Emmamed
    my daughter had recently had head lice, they were little so and so's to get rid, even with the treatment and nit comb.
  • michrad1
    i hate head lice one it makes my itches chrildrens then it makes my hair feel bad they are very hard to get rid of everytime you think you have done it it makes a come back
  • maddisonred
    I hate nits with a passion,so far I been lucky I have never caught them,but every time I clear my childrens hair,they go back to school and catch them again,coz sadly there is a minority of parents who cant be bothered caring for there children and would prefer them to be bullied,gosh im itching now just thinking about the blighters(nits that is)
  • Chavbaby
    The kids itch and scratch to no avail The lice are growing and never fail to cause distress and leave a trail of horrible eggs - im growing pale thinking about it gives me the shivers time to get them out because we're the winners! Then to use the vosene shampoo Which will prevent the next bout of this hullabaloo!
  • jeanniev1
    Nits still carry a stigma even though they love clean, long hair.My daughter was horrified when I bought a nit kit when the grandson started school but has had reason since to be grateful. Then of course I said the whole family needed to be treated.
  • tiffanyjayne89
    I hate lice because....when I was 7 my hair reached my waist and I loved it so much but getting nits from school meant my mum couldn't handle the nightly routine with all that hair and eventually cut it right below my ears :( I sobbed and sobbed but now I have a daughter of my own I can see me having to do it with her.
  • Coco49
    My children use to have them every week the saying is there is no shame having them but to keep them is a different story
  • mad001
    head lice are a thing that makes everybody's head scrath even if you dont have them. Thankfully and due to using your products we ahve never had the major problem of getting rid of head lice as your products are simply the best the sprays make sure the kids head's are protected leaving the house and your shampoo's are one of the best our kids love the smell and we find we dont have a problem in getting them to use them
  • Nicki21
    Nits are horrid little blighters That give my kids the frightners. Out comes the spay To take them away They eat from your scalp On a kid name Ralph Together a team Me and vosene To make sure my kids all clean!!
  • amhcj1411522
    i hate head lice as they spread so quick and make they heads itch
  • mstaz
    Because i can still remember having them as a child, i had really long hair and my mum got so fed up she just cut the lot off! many tears! never ever want to get to that stage with my little ladies beautiful curly locks!
  • Annette61
    It is just the "dirty" factor that everyone associates with having head lice. Even though we all know it is the clean heads they like best, we still shudder and think mucky and scruffy.
  • vivianallman
    the thought of them makes your body crawl and you want to raise your hand to your head, i once helped out at my daughters school and was listening to a girl in one class read, as she sat next to me, you could see the little creatures walking up and down the parting in her hair, she was truly infested, i had to get up and tell the teacher, the look on the teachers face was unbelievable, she couldn't understand once she had looked herself how she had failed to i left, went home and found out my fine toothed comb... ...thankfully no bugs for me.....but could have done with some barrier medication in those flesh creeps now at the thought..
  • chebble
    My two girls were not allowed to join in at a party because i was honest @ said i had just treated them for nits . all dressed up @ excited the look on there faces will never leave me 5@7 yr olds do not understand !
  • wintersoldier
    It is really annoying when you keep your kids hair clean and tidy but some lazy so and so cant be bothered and ends up infecting an entire class of kids and their families. I still have memories of 3 years ago with all four of us at home having to treat our hair for unwanted visitors thanks to my son's nursery, however thats when we discovered vosene did an anti lice range and I have used both the shampoo and the spray and can honestly say both have kept my kids lice free since then; it's money well spent!!!
  • katherinesara
    Just reading this post has made my head itch! What i hate the most about them is once someone in a class gets them, then everyone gets them, then the family get them! You treat them, others dont, and your child gets them again!! viscous circle! very itchy head now!
  • tonkatol
    I hate lice, especially as it is usually fairly young children who have them because they cuddle each other so they spread more easily. I always remember when my son had lice, aged 3. He came into our room in the night because he coudn't sleep and cuddled up to me - the next morning I found he had lice - and I had to treat my hair as well as he had being laying so close to me - and lice products usually stink! Also, the thought of lice just makes you want to itch!
  • yasmin8822
    After the 4th time that my daughter came home with headlice, I was pretty annoyed that I had to keep purchasing treatment that cost an arm and a leg. I had a rant at the school and a moan at whoever would listen! My poor daughters thick, curly hair was constantly combed with the 'special' comb that made her cry everytime! Headlice is the worst of the worst! Makes you feel as a parent that you are doing something wrong when that keep coming back just as you managed to get rid of them!!
  • milligan
    They taste horrible. I remember my Dad taking me to a Chinese take-away and the man behind the counter saying "Ah so you want fried lice ?"
  • Ruthyanne
    They make my children's head so itchy . They spread so quickly . Hopefully something like this product would help loads. Here's hoping? Xx
  • mumi2013
    Head lice are not a very nice thing for children to have to experience, but as us adults know they only go to clean heads..children find them itchy & irrating a terrible thing to have to experience when is scholl, espically if other kids call them names,,,i know as i was one them kids when is the best choice. other parents should take notice of when their children have them and sort it out!!
  • jo45
    I remember my son catching them at nursery and seeing one crawling across his head and trying to hide my disgust as he was so upset already. My head is itching just thinking about it!
  • deanodac
    They make you itch, They make you scratch your hair, They are so annoying as they are everywhere. Use Vosene kids once a day, This will keep those pesky nits away!
  • ladyappaloosa
    I once stood next to someone in a packed tube when noticing movement on their head and I could see lice moving about. As the tube was so packed I was unable to move away till the next station. Felt ichy all day long and for a long while very uncomfortable having to use the tube during rush hours.
  • barbedwire
    because they spread so easily
  • Amandaa5449
    because they are so itchy and horrible. Since my little boy started school he is always bringing letters home about them. I would so love to win this
  • arthur123
    I like to take all my grandchildren out and there is nothing worse than them continually sctraching .Also they don't like the thought of spidery things running about in their hair.Who does !!!!!!!!!!
  • tdighton
    BEcause there horrible poor kids who have them constantly itching making there hair sore!! but ppl say they only live on clean hair that not always the case!! There just vile!
  • granx6
    headlice make people think your dirty and others make fun of you or your children and single you out, make you feel unhappy and unloved,isolated and depressed, eradicate the lice and eradicate the bad feelings associated with them and make everyone feel happy loved and wanted
  • birdyboyuk
    Why do I hate Lice? Who doesn't!? They are minging creatures! Yuck!
  • shazzashazza
    Headlice are awful for the child when they cannot settle because they are always fighting the urge to scratch,
  • TheSilentGang
    I'm a boy and I told off 2 people had lice and gave it to me. This is the second time I get lice in the last 2 years and the 3 in my whole life. The last time I got lice it was incredibly difficult and expensive to get rid of. What makes one more prone to get lice than others. I am also more prone to mosquito bites. Is it something in my blood?
  • marianne44
    my eldest daughter always gets them ,horrid things ,after a few wks she gets them again ,she ended up having 6 inches cut off,she was so sad .
  • Resourceful
    I can still remember the horror and shame of being pulled from my class at about the age of 8 years old because my little brother had been to the nit nurse and they found he had nits! I am now 41 so that proves how horrific nits are - I still haven't forgiven him for the shame of that moment or the night of sleeping with the most disgusting stinking lotion on my head that followed it! I cant tell you how relieved I was to discover nit lotions have improved for my kids but prevention is definitely better than cure where nits are concerned!
  • NEZBOT18
    I wish there were products like this when I was younger, my best friend at primary school used to always pass nits on to me, her mum was a mobile hairdresser. The "special" shampoo I had to use to get rid of the nits used to smell really bad, it was really embarrassing.
  • manjypoos
    Last few terms of school my youngest daughter was constantly getting head lice. she would be constantly itching making me and her eldest daughter paranoid we'd also caught them and we'd start itching. I would be treating her hair and she'd finally be lice free only to have caught them again as some parents weren't doing anything!!!!I tried various products (some being very expensive) and i'd love to give these ago!
  • Wray22
    I hate them they make you itch .my children have, had them and my daughter hairs so thick took me over am hour to get rid of lice and eggs .ewwwwv.and the worse was when my sister sent her son down to me as a typicall boy hates hair being touched sh noticed him itching ask me todo his hair and he must off had a nit farm lol .
  • Tracy1979
    Lice aren't nice, You get them and pay the price! You itch you scratch, Until every last one you catch!
  • joolszzz
    My daughter has beautiful thick hair and it caused her so much distress to use the nit comb through it. At one point I had to keep her hair short and thinned out to help keep them at bay, she was so desperate for long hair
  • MumsyJan
    I still remember when the nit nurse used to come to our school and I used to pray she wouldn't find any headlice when looking through my hair. I came from a big family, I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters and there was always one of us infested in our house. Everytime I got back from school my mum would say "have you brought any visitors back with you?". I think that's why I now check my own children's hair regularly.
  • tekenaar
    I dont like head lice much and once my young son sawone drop into the soup he was eating ugh to late he had eat it , now we are always checking his hair and treating it when neeededdont wnat the same think to happen
  • Laylalou11
    I remember being in primary school and our teacher going around checking everyone's heads for lice. Then I remember one little girl in the room being spoken to very gently by the teacher and her bursting into tears and running out the room. She was the only girl in the class with lice and she was totally humiliated. Head lice make you feel lonely and outcast as a child. Rotten things :(
  • dstill1964
    They make you itch,dont look nice,can redden skin and spread like wildfire!!
  • larry47
    it just makes me itch thinking about them and i just feel like my hair is unclean.
  • kathie1
    i would love to try this for my grandson as hes just starting school and would love to look good
  • namgets
    Because it makes you feel dirty when in fact they only light clean hair.
  • Mcaleenan1
    I hate head lice because as soon as you mention then they make your skin crawl and your own head itch, as for the person who has them the scratching is unbearable and never ending until treated.
  • isis53
    nits stick like crazy to the hair and are terrible to get rid of!
  • teresacat
    It's annoying and looks like you don't wash your hair, but really nits love clean hair.
  • natcoops90
    lice are any parents dreaded fear and as the mother of one I am no different. My daughter is only two but has very long hair for her age. She had never had lice until very recently. However the way I found out was horrific. My daughter went to play group as usual and then me and my partner got ready to go away for a romantic weekend for the first time in four years. We arrived at the posh manor house and got ready for our evening meal, to receive a call off my father in law saying my daughter was crawling with lice. I thought i best quickly check my hair, my partner found them all in the back. I was horrified, our romantic weekend was suddenly not so romantic, with my partner having to help my comb my extremely long hair, using every treatment he could find at the chemist. We returned early and i can honestly say vosene is now our life saver.
  • Ozalots
    I hate lice as they are mini vampires that prey on our defenseless children and they look gross under a microscope.
  • ljc89pbp
    With my child soon to attend preschool I know that him getting nits in more than likely and that if he catches it the likely hood is that he can pass it onto others including myself. With this spray and shampoo I know that I can prevent him catching it and passing it around to others
  • jennyn8545
    I am sick of spending hours trying to de lice my children, Head lice are rife at our school. Have not yet tried this product, sounds promising :D
  • sunshinestone
    The reason I hate nits is because I have 3 young daughters with long thick hair!!!! Nits are a nightmare:D
  • Telynores
    The awful stuff and days off of school when my children were young. Pleased there are these products which save all that for my grandchildren :-)
  • Lilcaz80
    This is making my head itch just talking about it!!! I caught head lice whilst I was uni (thanks to my godchildren!). Was studying in the library when I felt something crawl down my face... oh the embarrassment! Anything that can get rid of the little critters is fabulous in my books (esp now with a little boy of my own!). x
  • calloway
    As a mum of 3 it can end up costing me a fortune to get rid of the little pests. They cause itching and upset to evey child that gets them and also embrassment too.
  • Jayneyblonde
    They scare the life out of me and are one of my phobia's. I have never had them thankfully so maybe that's where the fear comes from. My partners son caught them a few months back and so did my partner and I couldn't' even have my partner sleep in the same room as me. I seen one when i checked my partners head and I screamed the house down and started crying, and continued crying all the way to the supermarket. It was so embarrassing when I look back now! Ha ha. I know its silly to be scared of them because technically they are harmless, but the thought of little beasties crawling about your head and laying eggs and sucking your blood makes me feel sick :|
  • hoselett
    Horrible nasty little buggars
  • angelchloe
    They are so horrid some of them seem to have a armoured shell they are just so immune. Also the parents that don't clean their childs hair regularly cause the parents who do clean their childs hair more hassle.
  • kathstig
    I hate nits!!!!! But thanks to myself and vosene shampoo and vosene princess spray we done a whole school year without being plagued by nits, whoop whoop. Thanks vosene x
  • Pixie3113
    Lice are so hard to get rid of. Especially when you live in a family of 5. We have tried so many different potions and shampoo, even the old fashion vinegar doesn't always work. We all have quite thick hair, and if you miss just a few eggs, the lice can come back again and again. The're itchy, and really annoying. And most of all, we don't want to give them to someone else. We would really love to try your Vosene shampoo!
  • judyg
    Urghhhh ......hate the little buggers!! Once you get them it's nearly impossible to get rid of them completely......until now, that is. X)
  • jamieramsey
    head lice drive me mad my girls have long hair and when they get them it takes hours to go through their hair and they pass them on i just wish they would go away lol
  • wadee48
    70 haddon street Leicester le2 0gh
  • mspaws06
    omg is there nothing worse than getting head lice...they just pounce on any head & live happily until they get caught..
  • clarehardy
    with 4 children and 2 girls with long hair lice are the worst I hate checking for them and I hate it when I find them there is always tears when you try too get the comb through. Last time the kids got lice I had waist length hair and had too cut it all off as trying to get the comb through with two bottles of lotion on was hell
  • niedziela
    one of my children has nits so it would be good if i could have some please,thank you.
  • swiftmum
    Headlice are ugly little creatures that make your head crawl literally, the eggs stick to your hair like glue and are nearly impossible to remove and the minute people know you got them you get isolated !!
  • xxfibeexx
    With a 6 month old and a 13 month old both in nursery they came home with lice. We treated and I tried to comb them out, only for them to return to nursery and bring more lice home again. Unable to get rid of them and seeing them very clearly in my daughter's beautiful blonde hair, her first locks we ended up shaving both my son's and my daughter's heads, giving them both a grade 1 all over.
  • yoeydavis
    headlice seem to love my daughter; i get rid of them only for ger to catch them again the next day at school. why dont schools organise it so every child is treated on the same day? i always find myself saying that every animal or creature on the earth has a purpose but what on earth are headlice here for?
  • eatoo
    My son gets them from school and pass them to my 3 year old who has thick, curly hair that reach her back and it's a nightmare to get a nit comb through her hair. she screams to no avail. Once it got so bad, I parted her hair and there was this 'city of lice' settled there. I screamed in fright!!
  • knibbsie
    [iHalf a hair half a hair, Half a hair onward, All in the tangled locks itched the six hundred: 'Forward, the Lice Brigade! Charge for the blood he said: Into the tangled locks Rode the six hundred. Vosene to right of them, Vosene to left of them, Vosene in front of them Volley'd & thunder'd; Storm'd at with water and lotion, Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell Rode the six hundred. Flash'd all their claws bare, Flash'd as they turn'd in air laying their eggs there, itching my daughter while her dad fumed and wonder'd : Plunged in the lotion spray nit and louse died and broke Reel'd from the killing stroke, Shatter'd & sunder'd. Then they rode back, but not Not the six hundred Not one - Thank the Lord!
  • svst1974
    I AM A LOUSY MAM! It did not occur to me that I might be infested with lice - that's a kids thing - right!?! Wrong! I was itching like nobodys business so I asked my 10 year old daughter to check my scalp for a rash. She said bold as brass that she couldn't see a rash but she could see things moving. Shudder!! My husband confirmed that I had lice.
  • nikkicadman
    I hate nits, i have 4 children and i never let them go to school with their hair down. When one of them get nits they pass them on until they all have them. An absolute nit nightmare.
  • lettuce1
    I hated having the nit nurse at school and the letters being sent home it was embarrassing- prevention is definitely the key. Its itchy and they spread so easily and treatment is expensive - will definitely be using these products with my little boy when he starts school in September.
  • LolitaLaura
    Lice are really embarrassing for children and ridiculously hard to get rid of - no matter how much you comb, there's always more!
  • CoolioHagan
    They should bring back the nit nurse:p:
  • ozgirl901
    My grand children are for ever getting them I find it hard to keep getting rid of them, this sounds like the best thing for me to use. I would love a win one to see if it solves their problems of forever getting nits.
  • basheira
    my sons have very thick hair and they always have itching in their hair if i win this will help to my kids.
  • emmy08
    i babysit for a friend and her kids always have nits and i am always checking my kids would love to try this and keep the nits at bay from my kids
  • basheira
    my kids this have itchy hair and this will help me
  • anderson13
    I have to daughters and they have beautiful afro hair. They sometimes pick up head lice from school, which is really annoying. Have you ever tried to comb head lice out of afro hair? Well let me tell you ain't easy especially with the combs being so small. I have tried many products that do work but can be very pricey. I have even tried many home remedies. I recently discovered the vosene range and I can honestly say my girls will not be using any other shampoo for the foreseeable future as I find this really helps with preventing the spread of the lice.
  • alitone15
    I still remember every Friday night my sister going through our hair with a steel nit comb. It hurt so much and would pull clumps of hair out of your head
  • maricel102692
    This is soo sad and embarrasing .. I caught head lice from cousins when i when I was younger and now I am 20 years old and still have them .. I comb a lot .. But the nits or eggs don't seem to go .. What do i do ?? My younger sister have them too...It's embarrasing cos I have a long hair now..and like my hair before I cut my hair very short to get rid f them but I still have them.Hope you can help me.
  • Ikklecaz27
    Lice are so hard to get rid of when who ever is passing them doesn't get them treated my girls come home most weeks with them :(
  • maricel102692
    I hate lice and eggs...It's very embarrassing especially you grown up and still you have them..
  • childmanda
    because they are horrible little creatures that get everywhere and are hard to get rid off
  • ianmaciver
    lice are not so good for the children itching , and passing to others so easily
  • mowishy
    I was 'treating' my sons' hair to try and rid him of eggs and nits until a hairdresser told me that they are used to the chemist treatments. 'Pour on a whole bottle of cheap conditioner and watch them slide off' she said - so I did, and hey presto, it worked. Would love the Vosene pack to avoid it again though! Thanks.
  • Jo7jolly
    Lice are the most uncomfortable and embarrising thing to have and my daughter was ashamed when she got her first dose at 12 in junior school. It was made all the harder to deal with because she suffers with pscoriasis in her scalp absolute nightmare to treat but vosene helps
  • Ann1978
    AAAAHHH not again every Thursday I have the same argument and fight to do the creepy jumping jack lice check. As if its not bad enough to just wash and brush normally the Thursday dreaded nit comb makes me sound as if I am murdering my daughter. Its worth it in the end but an ongoing battle as some parents don't seem to notice the empty white dots on the hair, the constant scratching or even worse the beasties crawling, sooking blood like vampires and hanging on for their lives to the kids heads- PLEASE SPEND 5MINS LOOKING FOR THE WEE BLIGHTERS AND TREAT THEM!!!!!!!!!!
  • h2k8
    headlice are just annoying they spread like wildfire and should be a cure for it so no one has to put up with them
  • 2dachs
    I get shivers down my spine'cos i get nits all the time itching and scratching simply will not do here's Vosene to the rescue I can honestly say as a child i have never, ever had nits but i know people who have. My mum used to go through our hair with an old metal nit comb and i can remember mum saying 'this is what Baboons do' many thanks mum! why is it when anyone mentions nits you instinctively feel itchy on your head?
  • carolbinkie3
    just thinking about them makes you itch.We used to think they were in the wood work at schools.
  • 8margy
    Tjhe are so minute you cannot find them easily to remove them. They itch your scalp and then you feel itchy all over - horrible
  • channyc123
    Lice are nasty little creatures, not only do they spread very quickly but they irritate and make people itch really badly. They are horrible have have.
  • deb19
    I hate the fact that my kids always seem to get nits even though they have clean hair, I check them regularly. I wish it was like when I was in school, and the nurse came to check you,and parents were notified
  • tabbycarpenter
    I hate head lice, I used to have them loads when I was younger and sometimes I would wake up and there would be black specks (poo) on the pillow! They also make you very itchy, I always keep a bottle of vosene kids shampoo and spray for any emergencies!
  • mazaa
    Lice make children's hair itchy and can damage their hair. They spread so quickly from one person to the other and can give children low self esteem.
  • LynScamp
    I hate head lice as they jump from head to head very quickly - even clean hair. They make children scratch continuously and are very distressing to both the children and their parents.
  • pegsuk
    i hate head lice because when my daughters were young they both had waist length hair and i had to cut both short,because of recurring nits.i hated seeing them so upset and their tears broke my heart.this would be great because my grandaughters have the same length hair and no tears can be prevented now because of this great product.thanks vosene.
  • baz138
    i remember as a child they laid eggs in a cut on my head had to go into hospital to sort it out
  • leek8
    I remember when I was little my younger brother had just started primary school and about 3 days later I felt something on my face, then in my eyebrow and I itched it and i seen a tiny flea like insecty thing fall onto the collar of my white polo shirt! Mum checked his head and yep lice! the whole household had to be treated for them, I was screaming! Now I'm scared because my little boy is starting school soon!
  • jucalxx
    Lice make children withdrawn and often causes bullying at school from other children.
  • bergh
    because my kids say they are critters crawling through the jungle and will nest and leave their babies forever in your head
  • man132
    Gosh lices reli make children itch and they spread so quickly. they are also passable from one person to another which is so worrying and thinking about it gives me the shivers.......
  • Mistyfluff8
    Bring back the nitty Nora's (school nurses ) because they inspected all the children's hair in one go so lice after using the shampoo would be wiped out in that school .
  • edziute
    i hate leave comment :)
  • darkowl
    They are itchy and bite the scalp making it really sore. Furthermore the eggs they lay near the scalp accumulate on the hair, making it look dirty and untidy.
  • Bubbles1234
    I remember when I was a teenager and had been to my aunties and her three boys all had head lice and when I came back I was covered in them . I had really long hair and I just couldn't get rid of them! So embarrassing going to school as they where clearly noticeable!
  • kurtzie
    I hate lice because they are troublesome, itchy and they spread so quickly. It is also another expense that Parents could do with out.
  • sammi68
    i once made a alice in wonderland costum for a carnival the little girl in question was about 10 with loverly blond hair .i even got a head band and recovered it in black velvet .on the day of the carnivel she was getting her out fit on and someone put the headband on and her head and her hair was moving that poor little girl we all felt so sorry for her the look on her face told everyone she new so her parents were told about it nicely away from others and it got sorted the little girl came up to me few days later and gave me the biggest hug and we all new why
  • autumn12
    I hate head lice you only need to hear someone talking about them and you start to itch all over
  • atomjohn
    heads full of lice Scratchy and itchy drive boys mad and make girls bitchy
  • jo9njie
    Both my twin daughters had head lice (or visitors) as we liked to call them during a 2 week holiday to Dominican Republic. Despite several attempts by us to obtain something to irradicate them it seems that they don't have visitors in Dom Rep (it may have been our spanish was rubbish also). We used as all the hair conditioner we had and te finest of combs we could find but the stubbon so and so's would not go. The temperature was in the high 30's and my girls had scratched there heads causing bleeding. I eventually contacted our tour rep for help, what a mistake. She told us that we may not be able to fly home the following day as my daughters were "contagious). After 24 hours of worry and anger we were allowed to fly home ONLY if my daughters had there hair completely covered for the 9 hour flight, and we were forced to sit at the rear of the plane in and "exclusion zone" of empty seats. Oh yes I hate Head Lice Very Much.
  • Leahpeah
    The worst part are the eggs which are too small to comb out and they hatch within 2 weeks which makes it harder to clear
  • westyahoy
    I am a teacher and when one child tells us that they have nits it goes round the school quicker by mouth than by heads, as everybody cannot help but scratch their hair n head just by the warning words going about let alone the actuall nits being spread.
  • hilz
    Once kids have them it seems everyone in class gets the
  • avgabcon5
    Nits nits, make you itch Creepy crawly little lice Really are not very nice Laying eggs in your hair Crawling around without a care Until Vosene Kids is applied It formula is tested and tried Gets rid of the lice and the eggs too And smells divine and beautiful!
  • elys70
    Because they have used petrol to kill the pests and I still remember the burns
  • dudkate
    my 10 yr old daughter has had nits constantly for years, i can never get rid of them completely. i comb every day with the nitty gritty comb and keep her hair up, but just when i think i have blasted them away, she comes home from school with another outbreak from a child. i am constantly telling the school but nothing gets done. its not fair on her and not very pleasant for her either.
  • grantze1
    I have 3 children and 2 are girls with really long hair and I takes a whole day to get their heads checked and I think that this would be an easier and simpler way
  • MG64
    lice are disgusting
  • contrarian
    Actually I like lice ... on toast for my tea. (well, you did say you wanted shiverific!)
  • janieb3
    The list is endless.... My daughter has a bad scalp anyway, I remember the nit nurse. They breed so quickly you can have 100s before you know it. Dreading to going to the hairdressers just in case... Giving them to nanny and grandad. Name calling at school (nitty nora), feeling dirty. Getting that letter from school. Spending all that money on shampoos, combs (even the electric ones). Parental nightmares are made of them.
  • Deegregson
    My daughter has very long extremely thick curly hair. She also has extreme eczema, so she was constantly scratching her head. I was concerned about nits as she was scratching more than normal but couldn't find anything. I took her to the doctor who could only see eczema on her scalp. However she did have lice, and my friend and I spent 5 hours with the nit comb getting them out, we stopped counting at just over 200 lice as there were lots more. We then treated with lotion and had to cut her hair. I felt like an awful parent, and not surprisingly the itchy scalp stopped. That is why I hate lice!
  • kos13511
    my 3 year old daiys has long blonde curly hair and dosent like haven it brushed i have to chase her every morning to do her hair and pull it up so i get really upset when she did get nits i just wish people wotlook after there kids hair better x:)
  • lizzyhollywood
    nits are disgusting little creatures my children catch them all the time at school
  • hall35
    Head lice are the most aggravating, annoying and biggest head scratcher. They've been around centuries and we still can't get rid of them.
    They are just the most disgusting things like aliens crawling across your scalp and they make you feel dirty.
  • peardrop21
    :3 I went to a party once and one poor little girls hair was crawling, i could see aprox 10 just by standing next to her. Made me itch like crazy. No stopping anyone getting them when a parent couldnt see how bad she had them
  • jackie2013
    i have 4 children and im forever doing hair and this sounds easier nd fun as my kids run nd hide when see the nit comb ....
  • rudensonia
    Can't stand headlice even the thought makes you itchy not fair on my kids keep getting them so easily because so many people don't check their kids regularly or properly. Definatly need something to make it easier to get rid off them
  • sazza34
    Because they make your head itch and feel minging x
  • pollyana45
    I hate head lice has they make children feel dirty and targets for bullies.
  • codecoaster
    nobody likes to lose friends
  • max1971
    they are horrible and itchy!
  • Billw01
    The idea of anything feeding off my kids drives me crazy
  • ani75
    My mum had her long hair cut as a child when she had head lice. I have had nightmares few times about having my head shaved (I have waste long hair) because of head lice and now I really cannot bear even the thought of those creatures!
  • Mistly
    I remember the shock when I first found out my children had lice. This product has to be good news for all parents of young children and indeed teachers and play leaders alike. Vosene.s right for eradicating lice/
  • larissaj
    I remember when I was at school and this girl in my class came and sat next me. I was horrified as I looked over and her hair was moving. I just wanted to scream. Ever since it has become a daily routine to check my hair as I would hate to be like that. And I would hate for my child to go to school like that. Oh the humiliation :(
  • tracey73
    i hate it when the kids get nits,they hate it too ,i check their hair 3 times awk with a nitty gritty comb.and regular use of vosene shampoo,dont always catch them,hate to see them scatching!
  • scuff
    As one of six kids ( five girls) we managed to bring headlice home every other week and have to endure the hideous chemicals to get rid of the little monsters! I don't want my kids to have to endure the same so send me some Vosene - I wish someone had told my mum there was another way!
  • Bonmymind
    Head lice prey on my head itch and spread and then feel as if they roll down my body when trying to kill them and then prey on my mind. It feels like an invasion where I can't get rid of them because they spread to fast!
  • jan682
    Would love a gift set on the bathroom shelf .....stocking up for the beginning of the start of school:D
  • chantelle94
    lice are horrible and they go for clean and they make you itch and spread very quick and its pain to get rid of them
  • ferrisbren
    when there gone there soon forgoten but they dont know when there beaten.
  • Affybel
    Because I still remember the horror of the nit nurse and being made to stand out when they found them in you hair.
  • ferrisbren
    they are not raceist and will attack all knqwn human can also get great plesure at there demise when you nit combe them out and then sqush them with your thumb, just like mama used to do
  • stephgr
    the last time my daughter had head lice it took weeks to banish them from my daughter's very long hair and it was so time consuming I made her cut her hair short. Her hair has now grown long again and she's terrified she'll get lice again and have to have all her hair cut off. With school about to start again we'd love to have some the ready!
  • Morrissey59
    Nits only live in clean hair so don't wash it and u will be nit free haaa:):):)only joking.little pesky critters they are.nowt to be ashamed off though.i used to use tea tree oil on my kids
  • 123ann
    I hate lice I have to go through my little girls hair all the time she gets them a lot and she dose not like having her hair brushed at the best of times they r a lot bigger than when I was younger
  • Little14n
    I first had lice when i was 6, The torment i received from kids at school drove me into completely shave my hair off. I had a skin head till i was 22. However since then my children have had lice and it chills me to the bone when i have to treat them.
  • aaronisloan
    Once my brother had to get over an infestation, TO HIS HEAD, OVER 500 I SWEAR 500 HEAD LICE CAME OUT! I HATE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE HORRIBLE LITTLE CREEPY CRAWLERS! they get in my socks shoes and even, my under wear!
  • Jenzery
    The itching and scratching, the attack of the strict Nit Nurse and her special comb, then washing the little things out, and all the black specks just lying there - eek!
  • richx45
    1 word: scratching! They're a nightmare, esp at school, they get everywhere! :3
  • lisa01924
    If your child has head lice, chances are you do too. "Nine times out of 10, moms get it too," says Beck. "But it's usually never as bad as the child's case. you should always inspect the whole family, since lice are contagious. "But this should never cause parents to avoid their children," "I've had parents call me over the years saying they're afraid to hug their child. Just think of the message that's sending.
  • lorna1104
    head lice not only make head inch but my body crawl! when my child had them she had rashes on the back of her head from all the sratching they are just damm right annoying and breed like anything
  • EllieB42
    What I hate about lice/nits is that in this day and age they just shouldnt be around - all those chemicals which we dont want to use on our kids heads have to be used and that is a waste and its not environmentally friendly either. Bring back the nit nurse - or make it law that if a child minder / carer / school / club finds any nits on a child that they have to go home immediately (discreetly) and get treatment - 99% of parents care and check its the lazy 1% who are keeping the nit population going (who KNOW their kids have nits because you can see them a mile away when they are infested (poor kids)!!! When they cant get anyone to look after their kids with nits you can bet that they wont have them any longer and that would make it a better nit-free world for us all to enjoy x Our son has had them twice and it costs a lot of money to treat him and the rest of us just because someone is prepared to let their children suffer and spread them - its all wrong.
  • Theviya
    I've had lice a couple times cuz my sister LOVES to play in the sand... and every single time.. my mom dies our hair because it's exactly the same as the lice treatments as she says... but i hate lice though :/
  • DeniceC
    Even just the word makes me want to scratch! I hate the way I constantly check my kids hair and treat as needing, then they get them again,it's a never ending circle, to the point that I now stand looking at all their frineds hair to see if they have them ............... off to itch now :)
  • caroline1845
    I hate them because aside from the fact they are itchy and make me itch just hearing someone has them, my mum used to be brutal with a nit comb. Oh and also the stuff i had to get smelled like cat wee. Just itchy wee parasites
  • RuqayahEatsCookies
    I'm scared that lice will take over the world! But if I win, I'll make it my mission to save children from lice, as well as the world day by day. #SuperLiceKillerToTheRescue
  • lanal
    my head starts itching as soon as I hear about them, had them when was at school and they spread to other members of my family, awful creatures.
  • Bdee
    The embarrassment of being the one to cause the nit-nurse to check all the classes hair and letters being sent home just because I saw many nits crawling in the hair of the girl sitting at the desk in front of me and not knowing what they were at the time. I just thought she had got some insects in her hair when playing on the grass!
  • littleme96
    I hate the fact that the whole family has to be treated - such a pain, especially as I have long hair too.
  • platinumjess
    When I was young I my nanny had them She used to scratch her head, picked up the nits and flick them out. I didn't know she had head lice then, I thought what she did was odd. Once I found out, I was disgusted I refused to see her. I never wish my children to have headlice, I will check it regularly, and will definitely use medicated shampoo like vosene to prevent it.
  • josephin1977
    Each time I treat the lice they continue to return. The itching causes my daughter discomfort.
  • nikia43
    I remember as a child we had a holiday ruined by all 4 families having head lice! What a lot of nit shampoo we went through. I dont want the same thing for my children so use Vosene as it also lets my daughter brush her hair!
  • BIGD99
    I've never had lice and neither has my 5 year old and I want to keep it that way. The thought of having them makes me want to vomit, never mind itch and will do anything not to ever catch them. I work in a hospital and it would surprise you just how many adults have lice. This would ideal to use on my own hair as well as my childs.(dont need to worry about my hubby as he has none)
  • hategirl
    I hated it when my kid had head lice I straight away went on the internet and found this advert on the internet that's why I hate head lice and it is sad seeing a kid itch with insects on there heads
  • kitty57
    maybe no shame..but awful to see your children's head crawling with them.. very unpleasant all round
  • donna972
    because my daughter is autistic and one of her pet hates is her very long curly hair being brushed so hair lice would cause major meltdowns!
  • marniemoos2
    Would love to try this product as my little man is just about to start pre-school. He manages to pick up every thing going. So a prevention would be great
  • nitsinmybelly
    The first I knew about lice when I was a kid was when I brushed my hand through my hair and my mum noticed something crawling around my dinner plate. Unfortunately, by that point, I had already finished half my food and my dad has always told me that I have lice living in my stomach for the rest of my life.
  • Murraymints
    The reason I can't stand lice is because I had a bad infestation when I was a kid. Turns out my head was covered and the rest of my body covered right down to my socks. My mum started washing my hair again after that! Only had them that once luckily lol.
  • hunter1980
    u know when i was about 7 yrs old at school i had head lice and the other kids were horrible to me for weeks after school and there was a few followed me home and beat me up just for having them i had a bloodied nose and lips then the next day at school they beat me up again it was a long time ago, obv im over it but it was terrifying for weeks
  • lol84
    My child was playing in the garden when the neighbour's little girl wanted to come round to play they played for about an hour then she went home, the next day my little boy started scratching his head then my husband was scratching his head,when he was scratching he felt somthing in his hair and pulled out a big head louse, i then checked though his hair and there was eggs and lice i also checked my sons and it was the same full of eggs and lice.My husband shuck his head over a piece of paper the lice were that big you could here them dropping on the paper it was horrible. I know every children get head lice but these were that big they had to have been in this little girls hair for a while you would think tthat the parents would do somthing about them.I now use the vosene with head lice replent in it and has not had lice since.
  • zoejlucas
    my daughter hates having her hair done so anything that can get the tangles out and keep the bugs away is fantastic
  • Avs99
    Nasty little critters move in uninvited They make you itch, they make you scratch They're looking for a place to hatch They simply love a place that's clean To hide away to be unseen The only time one is aware Is when nits show up in your hair One simply has a horrid dread Of these bugs crawling on your head
  • joelt
    Lice is not nice...cause we live in world where everybody need to be nice,gorgeous and perfect :D
  • notsoitchy
    If the kids are itchy with nits, we feel itchy[] without!!
  • monkeymaw
    Lice, They look like rice But, They don't taste so nice.
  • annma88
    why i hate them i had them as a child and my head was alway sore so with my children i have try a few to make sure they would not get them
  • manna
    itchy itchy!!
  • jacqroberts
    If my child so much as scratches once i am there like a shot. To be fair not all parents treat their kids and therefore keeps reinfecting mine. It then becomes a drain on the finances to keep treating them,
  • tinajfsgt
    i hate my children having to suffer with the itching scratching and the thought of them crawling around makes me sudder but oviously by the time this has started its hard to get rid of them
  • squidds
    Just hearing the word nits makes me start scratching!! Terrible memories of the whole family sitting around for hrs with yucky smelling stuff on our hair.....BORK!!
  • emmav6
    sure they could hear me scream 3 streets away when i found my first one! nobody told me they were so big!!! good job there is vosene repellent these days, my mum told me she had to cut all my hair off when i had them as a kid (((((
  • clareover
    I hate headlice as they make me feel dirty even thou they like clean hair. They also make my children itch
  • LaSynergie
    I really, truly & utterly hate them with a vengence. The children's school is totally infested & it is a huge problem. Since Feb 2012 I have not managed to keep my children free of nits for more than a few weeks & I'm getting totally fed up & frustrated with it. I have 8 children & as soon as one gets them, they rapidly spread throughout the family so I check & treat everyone which is both costly & time consuming. A large bottle of nit lotion costs about £17 & I must have spent well over £250 on it over the last 18mths & countless of lost hours trying to comb all the dead lice & eggs out of crying children's hair. Someone might say go to the Dr for a prescription instead, but I am not waiting 1-2 weeks for a non-urgent appointment to come round! plus the one time we did get an appointment quickly, the Dr gave us one bottle of unpleasant smelling, chemical treatment which only did one person, when we needed to treat several children! We also usually use the stuff that smothers them & doesn't smell & not a nasty pesticide. Being school holidays we are nit free again, but I just dread the children going back because as I know as soon as they do, the nasty, itchy, blood sucking, unwelcome, prolific parasites will be back to torment us once more. Bring back the nit-nurse I say and urgently!
  • mouseybabe
    The thought of them makes me itch.
  • lcroberts9
    I really can't stand the blighters, it's an epidemic at my kids' schools. My daughter has very long hair that she's always swishing about so now and again I find them in odd places - I even found one in a bowl of cereal once!!
  • aesop30
    Head Lice make you feel lousy by biting your scalp and sucking your blood
  • emsmiff
    So far we've avoided head lice, but the thought of those little creepy crawlies in my kids heads is not nice - the quicker they're gone the better.
  • charcharcharchar
    because my daughter went to school one day fine, and came home with an infestation, couldn't stop itching and they were everywhere! Vosene was the only thing which took it away! So thank you xx
  • runner01
    Going to the hairdressers and being told they can't cut your hair because your child has given you Lice was the most embasassing thing that has happened to me,my daughter keeps getting them from school so this prize would be ideal!
  • zoedennett
    omg! would love to win this. I have had a terrible week! my 8 year old got nits for the first time ever! Came into my room on bank holiday monday said she was itching, looked and omg how I didnt noticed, there were lice, big ones, straight out to shops to buy some lotion nut combs, etc I felt ill getting them out, I pray she never gets them again and would love the spray, I got a nitty gritty too and the amount of eggs I got out was ridiculous, scared I would get em but no so far so good. Hate the little dirty critters! and wished parents would check out their kids so they dont pass them on!
  • flapjak35
    Lice.....the very word makes me itch, my son used to be plagued with them because other parents couldn't be bothered denitting their children. Ended up with us shaving his hair off!
  • loulou80
    Headlice are awful, as a mum of 3 children i am always on the look out to make sure that they haven't caught the crawlers from other children at school, but it annoys me when there are constant letters coming home to tell us to check our childrens hair as its clear that not all parents do. I have really long hair and totally freak out when we get the letters, if my children have them then theres a chance i could too and i would probably end up cutting my hair off trying to get rid of the pesky critters :( luckily my children have only had them once but that once was enough
  • Rcollins91
    I hate lice, I remember being a school myself and the girl who was sitting in front of me had live crawling across her hair crunchy, it was horrible and I made an excuse to get out of assembly and go to the toilet so I could return to sit somewhere else. Ewwwwww!!
  • tesco s.
    I read my daughter a book about headlice before she started school. Unfortunately she kept having nightmares because she thought the headlice were the size of huge ants. Bless her. X
  • srobbo71
    I hate that even if you keep on top of the situation there are a small minority of parents who don't check their children's hair and reinfect yours.
  • zanacel
    I hate them because they spread so quickly and are so itchy and disgusting!
  • TamsinOxford
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  • Hateheadlice
    Hi im a mum of 5. (Girls) this is a nightmare as my eldest caught head lice and now theres 5 heads to treat and i cNt afford any treatment i feel terrible but theres nothing incan do . Thats why i hate lice and this is why inshould win
  • LuschkaPP
    Hi im a mum of 5. (Girls) this is a nightmare as my eldest caught head lice and now theres 5 heads to treat and i cNt afford any treatment i feel terrible but theres nothing incan do . Thats why i hate lice and this is why inshould win
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