Four Piece Animal Breakfast Set £3.99 @ Dunelm Mill

BSet Cowprint anything catches my eye and so this little set is absolutely no exception at all. A gorgeous four-piece animal themed breakfast set that has been marked down from £5.99 to only £3.99 at Dunelm Mill. 

You can choose from four different designs, including cows, ducks, pigs and sheep. Obviously I’ve snatched up the cows but those of you who aren’t in love with cowprint will be relieved to know you have other options. 

You can’t dishwash these so be prepared to stick this in the growing washing pile that weighs on your conscience at night. The finish is glossy and includes one bowl, one egg cup, one mug and one plate. According to the site adults can use them too. Hmmmm... Bset2

It’s definitely gorgeous and at a fab price but the fact that you can’t microwave it or dishwasher it does make me stop a little. After all, parenthood is manic enough without having to go through tons of bowls and dishes to make a simple meal. However, it is gorgeous enough to make it all worth it. 

Thanks to lord_trumpington at HUKD!

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  • Jen
    Oh I got one of these for a friend yesterday, I got the cow one. It's very cute.

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