Pampers Mega Pack 6 x 63 Sensitive Wipes £3.66 @ Boots

Pampers Mega Pack 6 x 63 Sensitive Wipes £3.66 @ Boots

PampersWipes are probably one of the best inventions ever. I don’t know how I survived without them before I was a mother! They are perfect for nappy changing, face and hand cleaning, emergency spill fixing, crumbly food holding and also yucky toilet cleaning.

This pack is excellent value for money usually retailing for £7 or more!

The Pampers Sensitive wipes are specially designed for more delicate skin and are perfect for newborns or older kids with sensitive skin. They are light enough to be used from birth and each pack fits neatly into either your handbag or changing bag.  Made from 95% water and chamomile they are alcohol free and don’t dry out your baby’s skin.Pampers2

They are also scent-free which is, for me, a huge bonus. I really don’t like the scented wipes and in most cases the scent is an added chemical that has little benefit to your baby’s behind. I’ve been using these wipes ever since my daughter was born. It was cotton wool and water at home but Pampers Sensitive when out and about.

They really do make life so much easier and you have something damp enough to remove the inevitable baby stains on your clothing. That’s always helpful...

Thanks to soled73 on HUKD!


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