Nine Packs of Huggies Baby Wipes £7 @ Boots

Chug Ooooh, yet another fabulous deal on wipes for us lucky parents. This particular deal is truly faboosh as you get nine packs of wipes for only £7. Considering that these usually cost in the region of £2 for one pack this is one big fat bargain from Boots.

The Huggies Pure range of wipes are designed specifically for babies with delicate skin and deliver the same level of cleaning as water and cotton wool. I highly recommend these as they don’t have a horrible smell and they really are wonderfully light and non-sticky.

They do stick a bit when you pull them from the pack, I’ve noticed this problem with all the Pure ranges from the differChugent brands. I think it’s a small price to pay for the quality of wipe though and they are genuinely gentle. I never had problems with nappy rash or residue stickiness on baby’s skin when using these.

For such a whack of wipes at such a low price it’s a steal and a half.

Thanks to lindauk at HUKD!

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  • munchkin89
    these are just £1.75 in store at York
  • Emma K.
    Thanks for the post munchkin89. Though it seems that might be limited to that one store?
  • DJHusky
    £1.75 offer isnt in Aberdeen as far as I know. Well had a quick look in Boots in Bon acord and in Union street. Havent tried Union Square yet. Then again, Cant find £7. Maybe I should ask.

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