Little Me Organics Sweet Dreams Collection Review

21 September 2010

Little Me Organics Sleepy Head Collection 1

Little Me Organics make bathtime products for baby, and for mum too. All their products contain Organic Essential Oils, as these are, according to the website, "known to have therapeutic benefits unlike synthetic fragrances".

When I was a new mum I found I developed a huge aversion to chemicals. Maybe that happens to everyone, but I found that even smell affected me, so I couldn't for example eat my usual yoghurt. A Muller Lite had gone from yummy to smelling and tasting like chemicals!

Naturally then I also worried quite a bit about what I was putting on my baby's skin. I recieved quite a few gift sets for baby's. Bathtime sets are often quite popular! And it was lovely to get items that said things like organic and natural ingredients.

For that reason alone I just had to give Little Me Organics a try. As well as being organic, and therapeutic, the products look great too. So just the ticket for a pressie - possibly.

I got new mum Emily to give them a try. Her baby is four months old, and just at that right age to really enjoy a good bedtime routine, especially the bathtime part. The set recieved was the Sweet Dreams Collection, part of the Sleepy Head range.

Little Me Organics Sleepy Head Collection 3The website promises that the Sleepy Head range will help baby rest and send them to sleep more soundly thanks to its aroma of dill and organic lavender. "Soothing Lavender settles and calms baby, leaving their tender skin comforted and moisturised, whilst Dill is renowned for its calming properties."

This particular Little Me Organics kit contains body cream, bath milk, hair and body wash, a facecloth, and a little yellow rubber ducky. What were Emily's first impressions? "The first thing I noticed was the little quote on all the products. It says, " I am a very gentle formulation and have no synthetic fragrance." They're all flavoured with dill and organic lavender. I'm not a huge fan of the lavender fragrance to start with, but it wasn't too overpowering in the products."

With a product that has a lavender scent as its main selling point that's not a good start! Emily did like the body cream and bath milk though. "The body cream was easy to apply, smooth, not greasy. It leaves quite a nice aroma on the skin."

"The bath milk," she contines, "seemed to smell quite strongly of lavender too, as I noticed when I spilled some on my hand. But once it was in the water and well-diluted, the smell was nice and subtle."

Little Me Organics Sleepy Head Collection 2

It wasn't all positive though "The hair and body wash didn't seem to make a very good lather." To be fair, I've found that with 'natural' baby products too - with a baby shampoo I bought while in Australia. It took a while but I realised it cleaned just as well. Maybe the foam isn't necessary? I did find I used more of it though than I might with a foaming shampoo. That could be merely psychological though! However, I didn't start using a shampoo on my son until he was over a year old, and by that stage he had lovely long ringlets.

The smell, unfortunately, remained a sticking point for Emily. "I stuck some of the products under the Dear Hubby's nose to see what his reaction was. He said, "That reminds me of a kitchen cleaner I used to use." Not good! I asked him what flavour it was, he thought it smelled like tea tree oil... similar but Foam-born babyno prize. I asked him was the smell good or bad, and he said, "Neither." Not a great reaction from the masculine part of my family!"

So, smell aside then, what was Emily's final word on the Sweet Dreams Collection? "I think the Little Me Organics kit would be a lovely present for a mum with a new baby or young toddler. The products can be used on either mum or baby!"

And Finally ...

The LIttle Me Organics Sweet Dreams Collection costs £15. All the items can be bought individually, with prices starting at £3.99 for the bath milk.

The site also does two other ranges for babies. There's Yipee Playtime, which uses the aromas of neroli, rose and organic mandarin. And Moisture Baby, which "contains the calming blend of chamomile and organic lavender." Finally there's Mum To Be Organics, a range that promises to "help ease your skin into pregnancy."

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