Omron Flex II Digital Thermometer £2.25 @ Boots

24 September 2010

10096284 There is quite a bit of stuff for sale online at Boots at the moment butt they are all sitting in the “When it’s gone, it’s gone category” with a saving of up to 75% on selected items. I’ll give you a low down on this stupidly cheap thermometer and then let you know what else I found on offer.

Oooohkaaay, so this thermometer has been marked down from £8.99 to only £2.25 (which is insanely cheap), and currently there are plenty in stock. It measures temperature through the mouth, ears and bum (which they amusingly call “the return”) and requires about a minute to get an accurate reading.

Also included in the sale is the Safety First Digital Thermometer for £1.25 (this is great if you collect thermometers!), you can adopt an olive tree for £1.50, buy warming slipper socks, sort out your festival eye 10096448lashes and buy a bikini – all for under £10.

There is quite a lot on offer, some weird, some funny, and some very useful. Just remember – when it’s gone, it’s GONE!

Thanks to spicy_gal at HUKD!

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