In The Night Garden Desk And Stool £19.99 @ Amazon

26 January 2011

inTheNightGardenDesk This rather cute pink In The Night Garden desk and stool is currently being sold for £19.99 instead of £79.99.

It took me a g e s to get my head around In the Night Garden.  I just didn’t get it!

BRIGHT colours, broad daylight and crazy frenzied capers from Iggle Piggle, Upsey Daisy (they are SO girlfriend and boyfriend, I don’t care what anyone says!), Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos; rather than the dusky evening scenes and quiet bedtime stories, read by someone like Bernard Cribbins, that I was expecting.

If you’ve never experienced In the Night Garden before then you must! I feel it should be a 21st century parental right of passage!

It’s either been written by absolute geniuses whose cleverness with kids programming is THAT good that it goes right over my head, OR they are just completely bonkers – perhaps it’s a bit of both.

And just watch out for Amazon’s up and down price-shifting – that’s almost as bonkers as the Night Garden itself!

What can I tell you about this In The Night Garden desk and stool?  It's a desk that comes with a stool, that's pretty and pink and is decorated with In The Night Garden characters and scenes and all the reviews wax lyrical about it.

You need to put it together but its dead easy and your daughter will love it.

Thanks to Bargeinion at HUKD

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  • Carla
    Has this sold and will you poast??
  • Sarah M.
    Hi We don't sell anything here at PlayPennies, we just tell about places that do, and give you a big blue link to click that will take you to them. Amazon were the seller for this item but it's currently unavailable and they don't know when it will be back in stock; sorry.

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