Nail Clipper With Magnifier £1.99 @ Amazon

Snip You may look at this and laugh but cutting a child’s nails has to be one of the most stressful things about parenting! You tenderly snip each nail in terror of cutting skin or inflicting some kind of grievous wound. These are a complete gem as they may life a lot easier for mums and dads, and for only £1.99 from Amazon they won’t break the bank either. 

These scissors come with a 4x magnifier so you can see baby’s toes more clearly. It should make you feel a little more confident about undertaking the task and it will reduce eyestrain. The stainless steel blades are sharp and precise and controlled by an ergonomic sure-grip shape. You won’t have these slip from your sweaty paws in a hurry. 

They have been specifically designed to handle tiny nails and feature a unique fold-away design to make storing them safe and easy. Snip2

I even recommend these to parents with older kids that hate having their nails cut. My daughter hates me cutting her toenails and has a tendency to snatch her toes away at a crucial moment. These entertained her enormously which made my life a lot easier! 

Thanks to Plum at HUKD!

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  • Emma K.
    Apparently a set of baby nail clippers is supposed to be one of the things that is a "must-have" for when your baby is born. I had no idea!

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