Munchkin Sea Squirts £3.25 (Was £5.99) @ Amazon

Munchkin Sea Squirts

These Munchkin Sea Squirts are a fab little bath toy, and right now they're just £3.25, down from £5.99.

Somebody recently gave my daughter a packet of these for her birthday, and words cannot express the extent to which she adores them. It's bonkers, really. They're just fairly 'basic' squirty bath toys - nothing terrible clever or sophisticated to them and yet she literally lights up when she claps eyes on them.

She plays with them for ages in the bath - and loves it when her brothers squirt water at her with them, too. And once bath time is over she tends to carry them around with her until I have to literally prize them out of her hands at bed time.

They're suitable for babies aged nine months and older, and in each pack you'll get 5 cute little characters.

The reviews are good, too. Here's a pretty typical one:

"Since getting these toys bath time has gone from traumatic to fun filled. Bright and colourful they are just lovely."

Delivery is free if you're a Prime customer and purchase these as an add-on item, or if you spend £10 or more. Theya also make great little party bag fillers, so might be worth stocking up on a few packets of them to get free delivery while they're at this price...

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