Mums Freebie: Surf Essential Oils Free Thingamajig

Mums Freebie: Surf Essential Oils Free Thingamajig


Fancy getting yourself a free Surf whatsit to make your washing all clean and shiny? Well, according to the site, Surf works best when used with a dosing device and they are offering you one for free. So, if you missed our Persil freebie, then the Surf freebie is bound to make you smile.

The freebie includes any one of the following three devices – a scoop for powders, a net for tablets or a ball for liquids. You only need to fill in the form to get your choice of dosing device sent your way and soon it shall be sent on to your happy hands.

They will be too large to fit through your post box so if you’re not home when they deliver, they will leave a note for you to go and pick it up. Welcome in spring, and welcome that yummy smell of fresh washing drying in the sun!


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