Mums Freebie: Free Contraction Timer

22 June 2010


This is pure genius, although you may be taking some of the fun away from the Dad as he sits there with his stopwatch in excitement. Contraction Master have iPhone apps and an online timer that will help you to time your contractions for free.

So, this is a rather entertaining idea as I have visions of hugely pregnant mums sitting in front of their desks and smashing the spacebar every time they are gripped by hardcore contractions. I don’t think that many keyboards would survive the experience, certainly not if the mums have as low a pain threshold as I do...

Anyway, they now also have an iPhone application that is bound to offer Dads loads and loads of fun. Is it just my hubby who loves to time things? Well, seeing as nearly every second person now owns an iPhone, here’s hoping that if you’re the mum in labour that you or your hubby are one of these people so you can time you contractions all the way to the hospital too.

In addition to Contraction Master they also have Nursing Master that helps you to make sure they are getting enough to eat (both for breast and bottle) and supports up to ten babies. Erm, yeah.

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  • Emma K.
    To be honest, I would have loved to have this on the iphone when I was in labour. I was really concerned about writing down the time and duration of the contractions...

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