Mothercare Loved So Much Moses Basket Review

To be honest, the moses basket I got for my son didn't get much use. But it looked absolutely fabulous, single handedly turning our bedroom into a proper nursery. This was also partly down to the beautiful, hand crocheted blanket that as given to my son by a family friend when he was born. It looked perfectly in place draped over the end of the basket.

I'd got one because I wasn't sure exactly what you really needed for a baby. I wanted some place where I could keep him close to the bed for comforting, and also because I was breastfeeding. Initially I'd had this idea that I would use it around the house, for naps etc, as required. In hindsight I'd recommend using vouchers as I did, or better yet, getting one second hand or as a hand-me-down.

Choosing the Mothercare Loved So Much Moses Basket* wasn't the result of endless hours of pouring over different moses baskets and figuring out what we needed. More it was a combination of having £100 in Mothercare vouchers to spend, and picking a reasonably priced but appealing basket. Also, this was on display in the store, and after testing them all I felt the stand on this model was the sturdiest.

The moses basket itself cost £59.99 and the frame to sit it on another £27.99. It is important to note when looking at price tags that these two items are sold separately, and you really do need both.

The lining, cover and hood are all dead easy to remove even with sleep addled brains, and still look fabulous after washing. Although a little creased if you don't have a dryer and aren't prepared to add ironing to the ever lengthening list of chores you have as a new mother.

I loved the smell and creak of the wicker, and this was easy to keep dust free with the duster attachment on the hoover. This moses basket will last a baby up until they're 3 to 4 months old.

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