Moses Basket Deluxe Rocking Stand £12.49 @ Babies R Us

Moses Basket Deluxe Rocking Stand £12.49 @ Babies R Us


This is a particularly good deal with the extremely expensive Moses basket rocking stand from Babies R Us marked down from £24.99 to £12.49. I must be honest, I don’t see why it is worth £25 in the first place, but £12 is fairly reasonable in my book.

I have to say that this is a very sexy looking stand. I got my Moses basket and stand from eBay for less than £30 including postage, so I didn’t have any fancy bells and whistles at all. It just sat there and looked comfortable.

Now THIS guy means that if baby is fretful you can just stick your foot out of the bed and rock her to sleep. You stay warm and toasty and sleepy, baby gets nice and sleepy, and minimal effort was expended on the entire indaba – bonus!

I really like this stand and it looks like it will fit most standard Moses baskets (but make sure before you buy!) and is not too expensive.

Thanks to marc2 at HUKD!


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