MoreTVicar T-Shirt Review

1 December 2011

You have to admit that the name of this site, MoreTVicar is pure genius. Well, it certainly amused me. MoreTVicar has a range of quirky baby bodyvests and children’s T-shirts from ages zero to nine and with a bunch of truly cute designs.

I ordered the Bambi T-shirt for my daughter, aged 5, as she absolutely loves the movie and I thought this would make an excellent Christmas gift. When she uncovered the t-shirt her expression was pure delight and joy. And I have to admit that this matched my first impression too, although with slightly less joy.

The t-shirt is made with good quality fabric that feels thick and soft. It isn’t that horrible, thin material that feels cheap and nasty. The print is done in a similar style to that of the Scooby Doo t-shirt I reviewed a few months back – edges and bits look as if they have not been printed on properly. They look almost tatty and hand painted.

A bit of research shows that this is a common trend in lovely, chic children’s print at the moment and it is one that I rather like. While the initial effect is one of, “Oh dear, this hasn’t been printed properly,” once you realise this is done on purpose it looks rather whimsical.

I spent some time on MoreTVicar and found some ladies’ dresses that I love. Beautiful 1940s inspired dresses that look amazing. And the prices are not that high either. For an unusual frock you can pay £54.99 and for a printed child’s t-shirt you will pay about £12.99 for a shirt that has Disney or other branding printed on it.

My personal favourites have to be the Love/Hate mittens for babies. Hilarious.

The items I got from MoreTVicar were good quality and well priced and will make an excellent Christmas gift.


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