Mesh Stroller Bag 90p @ Kiddicare


Now isn’t this a gem. Down by 74% from £3.99 to only £1, this Kiddicare mesh stroller bag is all kinds of useful. You still need to pay for postage and packaging but you can also stack this with an extra 10% off at checkout as there is no minimum amount so it comes down even further.

This bag attaches to almost any type of stroller and adds in much needed extra storage space where you can put items that you need to grab quickly and easily like wipes or a bottle or some water. You can fix it securely onto your pushchair or stroller using the included clips and it comes with a great review rating from other users.

This is my third one of these because I have them on every buggy and I find them so handy when we are out. Does what it says on the tin - simple extra bag for quickly flinging the kid's wipes and bottles in when I go out shopping.

Thanks to kazza242 at HUKD!

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