'Me To You' Fleece Blanket £5.00 @ Play.com

fleece OHHH LOOK!!!  How CUTE are these 'Me to You' bears??!!

Fleece blankets - on my list of 'things you can't do without' these rank right up there near the top.

They are THAT useful I think they should be awarded some sort of prize, no seriously, think about it: they are lightweight so you can pack a couple if you're going out for the day on picnics or to the beach - the alternative is lugging around heavy blankets.

Because they are fleece they wash easily and come out of the machine almost dry!  Because they are fleece they don't cost the earth so you can afford to have a few - I keep one or two in the car to wrap up small people on chilly-night journeys home.

fleece2Sleeping toddlers on sofas (and teenagers actually) will be found under a fleece blanket, quickly whipped out of the linen cupboard, in this house.  Summer nights (yes they will be here soon) when duvets are too hot but just a sheet isn't warm enough...FLEECE BLANKET to the rescue!

You can tell I'm a fan right?

This pink fleece blanket is far too cute for its own good and any 'Me to You' fan will absolutely adore snuggling up underneath all 120cms x 150cms of it!

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!


  • magicbeans
    too cute!
  • MAIA
    Looks like £6.99p to me. They just put the price up or what?
  • Emma K.
    Yes MAIA, deal expired - sorry!

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