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morrck1 If you're after a piece of baby 'equipment' that's worth its weigh in gold and then some, then you'll be after a Morrck hoodie blanket!

I discovered them when I was expecting my youngest and they are BRILLIANT!

Essentially they are blankets with holes in the right places so that they strap in to car seats or push chairs, your child sits on top of the blanket which then wraps around them to keep them warm and cosy.

No more blankets flying off in the wind, no more having to try and take coats off sleeping babies when you're going in and out of shops - hot inside but cold outside, all you do is unwrap the blanket when you go in and wrap up again when you go out.

There are different weights for different seasons - so if you're expecting a spring or early summer baby, fear not as there's a Morrck for you too!

The designs and colour combinations are fab and I've lost count of how many times I've recommended these to people and I finally had the chance to thank one of the co-creators earlier this year when I went to the Baby Show at Birmingham.

This is one of those ideas that's so elegantly simple, it makes you wonder why YOU didn't think of it before! The story of how they came in to being is a lovely one too.

Prices vary but you'll be looking at about £30 - I'd love to be able to work out the value for money against the number of times used, if you get what I mean, because it would work out to be a SERIOUS baragin!

morrck2If you haven't got one, GET ONE! I'm rather sad that I don't need them anymore - not because I'm in the market for more children (ohhhhh no thank YOU!) but because they're just so lovely I really enjoy owning them.

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  • Janet
    Bought two of these over 3 years ago and they are excellent from autumn till spring/summer. They wash well amd alway draw comments from people. I have since had another baby and used them again. Fantastic buy.

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