Review: MAM Royal Soothers

The recent arrival of a new Royal baby heralded quite a fuss, but how do you fancy kitting your kid out with a soother fit for Royalty?

To coincide with little Prince George's big arrival, MAM have launched two new soothers, one fit for Princesses and one perfect for your little Prince.

The Royal range of MAM soothers are suitable for babies aged six months and over, and (like all MAM products) they are made of BPA-free materials, which basically means they don't contain something nasty called  Bisphenol A which could be damaging to infants.

The MAM Royal soothers are supplied in a handy sterilising transport box which takes all the hassle out of transporting a dummy. You simply place the soother in the box, fill the box with water to the indicated level and close the lid, then pop it in the microwave for three minutes. Once you've drained the box you have a sterilised dummy in a handy travel box.

MAM Royal soothers have been designed with input from dentists to ensure healthy dental development, and they feature a silky-soft teat as well as air holes for maximum comfort.

The Princess soother is pink, as you'd expect, while the Prince soother is a macho blue.

The babies we tried these out on were, unsurprisingly, not particularly moved by the royal credentials on these dummies but they sucked away on them pretty happily and certainly took the shape and size of the soother with no problems, despite being used to another brand of soother. These soothers are particularly easy for babies to grab hold of by themselves, which they seemed to enjoy being able to do.

Neither of the parents we gave these soothers to were particularly enthralled by the Royal connection - they said they wouldn't have chosen this particular design although they were impressed by MAM soothers in general - so these Royal soothers might be better suited to hardcore fans of the Royal family. Nevertheless, the MAM Royal soothers are the sort of item that might make a fun, quirky gift for an expectant friend, or as something to take to a baby shower. I can't see many parents choosing these for their own babies but the Royal theme is a harmless bit of fun and bound to raise a smile.

As the mother of a daughter I must admit that I steer clear of any Princess-themed stuff - the shops seem to be awash with that kind of things for little girls and it's just not my cup of tea, plus wording of any kind on babywear items tends to turn me off, but that said, if someone had given me one of these I would certainly see the funny side, and since I'm a fan of MAM soothers I'd definitely pass it on to my baby to put to good use, even if it's not the kind of item I would personally purchase.

Pros Bound to raise a smile - a bit of fun on a Royal theme, and something which serious fans of Royalty will definitely appreciate.

Cons If you're not into the Royals and aren't a fan of slogans on babywear then these designs won't appeal, but the soothers are very good.

Overall verdict 6/10

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